What I Eat In a Day #5

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all fine and dandy and enjoying the Christmas period as much as you can.

I thought it was about time I did another ‘what I eat in a day’ post – it’s been a while.

In case you couldn’t tell by now, I’m an absolute foodie – I love making food, talking about food, eating food, and these are my favourite kind of blog posts to read. Essentially, my number one hobby is asking people what they’re having for dinner – you get the gist.

Today’s ‘what I eat in a day’ is a little different to normal – I spent this day in London a couple of weeks ago, so two of my three meals were eaten out, rather than home cooked. However, I thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase some vegan options you can get out and about these days! I know I’m totally accustomed to it now, but eating vegan really is so easy in 2020. Let me show you what I had!


I wouldn’t normally have a breakfast this big, but I knew I wouldn’t be eating my lunch for quite a while and didn’t want to disturb other passengers on the train journey with a rumbling tummy. I had two weetabix with oat milk, flaxseed, maple syrup and blueberries, two crumpets with Flora and marmite, and a green smoothie. This was super filling and I kind of struggled to finish the carb-load, but it did hit the spot and kept me full for ages.


For lunch, my Mum and I went to Pizza Pilgrims – there’s quite a few of them dotted around London. I’ve wanted to try their pizza for ages and it didn’t disappoint! We shared a Marinara with mushrooms, red chilli and rocket, and it tasted so fresh and vibrant. Annoyingly the photo doesn’t really do it justice in displaying just how big the pizza really was; it was enormous! I’m never normally one to opt to share a pizza (what kind of crazy behaviour is that?) but it genuinely was more than enough between the two of us. The prices on the menu were also really reasonable, so it’s a perfect option for a more budget-friendly meal in The Big Smoke.


For dinner we headed to the Bluebird Chelsea. I was really impressed with the service in there and honestly couldn’t fault my meal at all – everything I ate was absolutely delicious. Below is my starter, which was the Roasted Artichoke and Truffle Soup with Sourdough Croutons. I’m not normally much of a soup gal, but this was so savoury, rich and warming. I would 100% order this again!

Below is my main: the Celeriac and Truffle Pithivier (essentially a mini pie!) This exceeded all expectations and I loved the addition of celeriac puree and garlicky greens.

No snacks this day, as I didn’t really have time to grab anything, although I was totally stuffed after both our meals. Obviously this was not a typically standard day of eating for me, but I hope you enjoyed seeing the kind of things you can eat out and about as a vegan.

So, in the meantime between Christmas and New Years, let the gluttony continue and enjoy stuffing your face with all the chocolates and wine you can get your hands on.

Speak soon!

Love, Dayna x

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