My Lip Filler Experience With Allure

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today I’m going to be chatting to you all about my recent lip filler experience with Allure Permanent Beauty.

I personally love reading posts surrounding beauty and aesthetic treatments, however if that’s not your thing then feel free to click off now. I want to stress here that I am not telling anyone to get their own procedures done; I’m simply sharing my own personal experiences and reassuring you that if you’re nervous about potentially undergoing anything yourself, there is nothing to worry about!

Before I start talking about the actual procedure, I want to talk about the brilliant owner, Sophie. Honestly, I could not recommend her highly enough to anyone who is nervous about getting any kind of aesthetic treatment. Not only is she professional and knowledgable, but she was so kind, bubbly and reassuring the whole way through. She counted me in before every injection and let me know throughout the process how they were looking, which I really appreciated, as despite having my lips filled several times now, I still work myself up in my head during the procedure and tell myself I’m shortly going to look like Donald Duck.


I felt totally relaxed in her home salon – it felt glamorous whilst still remaining clean, sterile and professional.




It’s essential to read reviews for practitioners before you choose to go for it. After personal recommendations and reading the masses of raving reviews on Sophies Facebook page, Instagram page and Google, I felt confident that she was completely trustworthy and knew what she was doing.



This time around, I went for 1ml of Revolax filler. Since my lips are naturally so thin (and I hadn’t had any filler for well over a year, so most of what was already there had dissolved) I have always gone for 1ml as 0.5ml would be slightly disappointing. I’ve tried both Juvederm and Revolax fillers before and personally prefer the look of Revolax, but it’s totally an individual preference, and with Sophie you get the option.

Sophie used a technique on my lips that I’d been desperate to try for ages: ‘Russian Lips’. The Russian Lip look focuses on a more defined cupids bow, with a plump, heart-shaped lip overall. This is something that really appealed to me, as this technique is also supposed to last longer. Rather than injecting standard lines of filler, this technique uses ‘micro droplets’ with a thinner needle than usual.

Admittedly, the swelling using this specific technique was slightly more obvious than the ‘normal’ way, however Sophie warned me of this and made sure I was fully comfortable and understood this before she began.

I’m normally a bit of a baby when it comes to pain, but I will truthfully say that the sensation of getting your lips filled is very bearable. Think of it like a very quick, sharp pinch, that only lasts a few seconds at a time. For me, it’s totally worth it!

So, what you’ve all been waiting for – the before and after photos.

This was instantly after the treatment – swollen, but nothing too extreme.
This photo was the day after treatment – still slightly swollen but not bruised at all.

I felt like the Russian Lips technique definitely gave me more volume and definition than the standard way, so I would 100% go for it again. The swelling was more noticeable, but if you take your aftercare seriously (which Sophie will go through with you) you should be absolutely fine!

A really great touch at Allure was that I was given a little pot of Arnica cream (anti-bruising) to take home with me and apply over the week after. This definitely helped keep any bruises at bay.


Overall, as I’m sure you can tell, I was super pleased with my experience at Allure and I felt Sophie really listened to what I wanted and delivered the look I desired. I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone thinking about getting aesthetic treatments.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Speak soon!

Love, Dayna x





4 thoughts on “My Lip Filler Experience With Allure

  1. Hi

    I just wondered what made you decide to get fillers put in?

    Also, do they make eating or speaking uncomfortable or painful?



    1. Hiya! I’ve been getting them for a few years now – my natural lips are very thin and I always used to overline them with makeup to achieve a ‘fuller’ look, so I thought I would try out fillers and I really like the look of them. To answer your second question, not at all – they are slightly sore for a few days after but this goes down completely within a few days! Hope that helps 🙂


      1. Thanks for the reply.

        You don’t have to answer this but are there any other cosmetic procedures you’ve had done or would consider getting?


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