Whats in The Vegan Kind Box? | June 2020

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

So, today’s post is going to be all about a new box I recently subscribed to – The Vegan Kind.

If you’re unaware, The Vegan Kind is the UK’s most popular vegan subscription box. For £13 a month, you get around 7-9 treats delivered to your door (although, you can get £5 off your first box with the code VEGAN, so mine only cost £8!) I went for the Lifestyle Box which includes mainly edible treats and foodie bits (right up my street) however they also offer a bi-monthly Beauty Box, too.


Unlike some other subscriptions I’ve had before that have been shortly lived and end up shoved into the back of the cupboards with a dismayed look on your face, as you wholly know you will never, ever use any of the contents, I was super impressed with the contents of this box and already cannot wait until July’s comes around! Without further ado, let me show you what I got…


Fuel10k Chunky Chocolate Protein Boosted Granola Pot

I had this for breakfast the other morning and it was so delicious – it tasted so chocolatey and had 10g of protein in, which is pretty impressive for a small pot of cereal! 10/10 from me – I would 100% recommend trying this for an easy, on-the-go brekky.



Mr Singhs Chilli Cheese & Onion Crisps

I honestly can’t get over how tasty these crisps were. It’s a rarity as a vegan to ever have the pleasure of demolishing cheese and onion crisps anymore, and with the added chilli, these were delicious. I will warn you, though – they are definitely not ‘mild’ like they say on the packet! Luckily I love spicy food, but they properly knocked my socks off, so if you prefer less heat, these might not be for you.



Foamie Body Bar

A welcome non-edible addition into the June box was this peppermint and green tea Foamie body bar – it comes on a rope so is really easy to hang up in the shower and foams up really well under running water. This is an eco-friendly alternative to a plastic bottle of shower gel, which I’m certainly all for!



Larabar Peanut Butter Choc Chip Bar

I’m not usually a fan of ‘healthy’ snack bars (A.K.A Naked bars, which can get in the bin in my opinion.) However, this ‘Larabar’ made only from dates, peanuts, apple and dark chocolate chips was honestly really tasty. I’d definitely purchase it again!



Captain Kombucha Natural Raspberry

I actually really like a Kombucha, but it’s just one of those things I’d never really think to pick up myself in a shop, so this little can was greatly appreciated. The flavour was bang on, too!



Mallow Puffs Salted Caramel Bar

Unsurprisingly, this got absolutely demolished about five minutes after my box arrived. There’s not much more else to say other than caramel plus marshmallow plus chocolate equals something amazingly tasty and indulgent. This was a well-needed treat after a few days of eating super healthy!



Katies Food Co Salt & Vinegar Banana Crisps

Perhaps also unsurprisingly, this is the only thing that’s been glaring at me from my cupboard, untouched and unloved since my box arrived. I normally like banana crisps, but… salt and vinegar? I will force myself to eat these as I hate waste, however I’m not particularly excited about it. Who knows, I could be pleasantly surprised…



Love Raw Milk Choc Bar

Last but definitely not the least is this ‘milk’ chocolate bar. It’s really hard to replicate a ‘normal’ creamy milk chocolate, but this absolutely hit the spot and more; I was really impressed. If you’re vegan/dairy free and struggling to find a decent tasting ‘milk’ chocolate alternative, I’d highly recommend this!




And there we have it, guys: the full contents of June 2020’s Vegan Kind Box. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty impressed with my first box and cannot wait for July to come around soon so I can get my hands on more treats.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Speak soon.


Love, Dayna x







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