Review: Paradiso Social, Brighton

Hi everyone – I hope you’re all doing well.

Today’s blog post is a review of a fabulous restaurant I tried out back at the end of February. Similarly to my last restaurant review of The Flint House, Paradiso Social specialise in sharing plates, and pride themselves on ‘casual fine dining.’ This, I like.

It’s great to be able to try out lots of different, smaller dishes that you probably wouldn’t normally order yourself – we did have to ask what about 10 things on the menu actually were, but with their lovely, helpful staff and buzzy, friendly atmosphere, you didn’t feel like you were stuck in snob-land and we certainly didn’t feel embarrassed to ask a million and one questions.

They change their menu here every three weeks, so I’d love to return and sample some of their new ideas once lockdown is over and restaurants and bars are allowed to re-open. Paradiso Social is currently shut until further notice, however I could not recommend this place more for a post-lockdown celebration meal with your friends or family. I really urge you to try it when possible!

Now, lets get into the grub.

One of the things I was very excited to try was the Bread and Branston Pickle Butter, which absolutely did not disappoint – it was so good, we ordered seconds.


The ‘butter’ was so creamy, I couldn’t believe it was vegan. I loved how many vegan options they had on the menu here; I was feasting alike to how I do in Buddies at 5am on a Saturday after one too many G&T’s.


Next up was the ‘Smacked Cucumber’ – if, like me, you were also wondering what on earth the ‘smacked’ part of the dish is, it essentially means lightly pickled. Served with crushed peanuts, the dish had an equally satisfying element of soft and crunchy.


Another smaller nibble we had was the Buffalo Cauliflower. I absolutely love anything with spicy buffalo sauce, so this was a total winner winner, cauli dinner.


A more colourful plate, I decided to be adventurous and try the Green Tomato Ceviche. Once again, this did not disappoint (seeing a pattern here?) It tasted so fresh and healthy and brought a much needed zesty tang to a heavy meal. I would highly recommend!


The star of the show for me were the Baked and Fried Potatoes. As I’m sure most of you would agree, potatoes in any form are rather stunning, especially when drizzled with red pepper ketchup and garlic aioli. They were crispy, fluffy… basically, they were everything you could wish for in a potato. I really hope they keep these on the menu for next time!


Another very tasty dish we tried were the Leek and Onion Bhajis with Harissa Yoghurt. These tasted rich and delicious, however my only criticism (and only criticism of the entire meal) were that they were slightly too oily for me – a few more minutes to allow them to crisp up and a pat down to reduce some of the grease would have done them the world of good. Needless to say, I still scoffed my portion happily.

To round off our amazing dinner, we had the Chocolate Ganache, Sloe Berry and Shortbread Crumb.


Despite having to unzip my jeans by this point (did you really even go for dinner if you don’t have any choice but to do this at some point in the evening?) I thoroughly enjoyed this dessert. It’s not often that there’s a vegan dessert on the menu, so when there is, I jump at the chance, and this I didn’t regret!

Overall, this really was an incredible meal and experience and I cannot wait to return. May I add that this meal was shared between 4 of us incase you thought I’d shoved 7 courses down my gullet. (Although, I definitely could have.)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Speak soon.

Love, Dayna x


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