10 Things You Can Do In Isolation

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and avoiding that dreaded persistent cough and high temperature… that’s it, I’m talking about Coronavirus.

In this pretty weird time we’re going through right now, a lot of us are self-isolating to an extent, or fully-blown quarantining, and, to put it lightly, cabin-fever is rife in the country (let alone world) right now.

To mix-up the continuous phone-scrolling and binge-watching of Netflix, I thought I’d give you a few ideas of other things you can do whilst being stuck at home for the foreseeable future! Without further ado…


1 – Adult Colouring Books

And no, I don’t mean pornographic books. I’ve got an ‘adult’ colouring book and a fresh set of felt-tips and find it quite therapeutic spending a half hour or so just focusing on colouring in… I’m 22 by the way, not five.



2- Sort Through Your Camera Roll

I’m not going to lie, I find it ridiculously satisfying scrolling right to the bottom of my camera roll and basically deleting all the crap and duplicates that don’t need to be there anymore. Believe it or not, when you’ve got thousands of photos in there, this task can take hours (and it can be very entertaining!) There is no rage as aggressive in me than when I see a camera roll filled with 12 of the exact same photo. DELETE DELETE DELETE and free up some extra storage space on your phone.


3 – Set Up a Blog!

One of my saving graces and my number 1 hobby during this time of being stuck at home is my blog! It gives me something to focus on and let the creativity out. It’s really easy to set a blog up on WordPress or Bloglovin, so if you’ve got some ideas of things to write about, why not give it a go?


4- Do Some Baking


I used to bake all the time, so I thought in this current situation it was definitely appropriate to re-kick-start this hobby; not just for the delicious end result, but also because it passes the time. I posted some super easy and delicious recipes for Vegan Blondies and Vegan Chocolate Cookies over on my foodie instagram earlier this week – check them out!



5 – Pamper Yourself

Whether it’s giving yourself a manicure or a pedicure, doing a face-mask or running a hot bath, allow yourself to relax and unwind, especially if you’re feeling stressed with what’s going on.


6- Do a Home Workout

I have a set of dumbells at home which are unbelievably helpful for doing my normal gym-routine with (albeit slightly altered!) However, there are loads of simple body-weight exercises you can do without any equipment whatsoever. Joe Wicks on Instagram (@thebodycoach) always posts tonnes of handy home-workouts which you could gain some handy (and sweat-inducing) inspo from. Or, head to YouTube for more ideas!


7 – Clear Out

Now is definitely a good time to stop making excuses for the necessary clear-outs that so desperately need doing in our homes, such as our wardrobes or cupboards. For me, it’s under the bed… god knows what sort of creatures are festering under there at the moment. It’s absolutely full of, to put it lightly, total crap, and has been begging for a decent clear out for, erm… probably a few years now. Oops.


8 – Read a Book

It may seem an obvious one, but I’ve got a shelf-full of books in my room that I normally ignore. However, I’ve made a promise to myself to get back into reading during this isolation phase. Order yourself a new book on Amazon or dig out an oldie, and allow some time every day to just unwind and read a bit, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.



9 – Download DuoLingo and Practice a New Language

Admittedly this one requires a little motivation (i.e. I’ve had to force myself to do so) but it’s good to do something productive and, err, educational with our time, isn’t it? I did Spanish to GCSE level and actually really enjoyed it; I still remember a few basic words and phrases, but have definitely lost my mojo, so am using this free time to try and rekindle it a bit. Watch this space…


10 – Clean Your Car

Not the most fun task, I’ll admit, but necessary all the same. This is something I always put off massively, so I’m going to attempt to clean my car inside and out whilst I’m at home 90% of the time.


So there we have it, guys. It may not be the most enticing list, however I hope it may have given a few of you some ideas of how to mix-up your time at home at the moment!

Stay safe and well. Speak soon!

Love, Dayna x



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