My Tips For Working From Home

Hey everyone – I hope you’re all managing to stay afloat so far in this weird and crazy time. Does anyone else feel like this is all some kind of odd dream we’ve not woken up from yet?

As you all know, a large percentage of us are working from home at the moment due to the one and only Coronavirus. Some, I imagine, are quite happy about this, and others (like me) are absolutely dreading the fact that we’re confined to our homes for the foreseeable future. (Disclaimer – I am obviously very grateful that my job allows me to work from home. I know a lot of others have had it far worse off and even been made redundant.) If that’s the case, I’m wishing you all the luck in the world and sending lots of hugs!

If you are currently living the DIY desk set-up life and are struggling to find the motivation to work properly, I’ve devised a few handy tips for you that I think everyone may be able to benefit from. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an experienced home-worker by a long shot, however these really small changes might make the difference for you from having an unproductive day to feeling like you’re a little bit more on-track.

Without further ado…

Get Dressed

Starting with the basics – get dressed, have a shower and feel fresh for the rest of the day. I’m not saying you need to get your best suit on (I’ve been donning the no-makeup, leggings and hoodie look most days) but staying in your pyjamas all day will do you no favours productivity-wise and to be honest, makes me feel like a bit of a slob! It sets you up for the day and gets you out of the lazy I’ll-just-stay-in-bed mentality if you put some clean clothes on.

Don’t Work From Your Bed

As much as it’s tempting to, I really would not recommend working from the comfort of your duvet. Similarly to my point above, it can make you feel lazier and not very switched-on, and probably, I imagine, lead to an accidental nap or two. Not a good idea! We associate our beds with sleep-time, so taking your laptop there at a time when you need to be focused and get things done can certainly be counter-productive, even if it is sub-conciously.

Create A Plan/To-Do List

I use Trello to create a checklist/to-do list which is really helpful for planning out your day and browsing through everything that needs to get done. It can also be shared with your colleagues, which is super handy if you need to keep in the loop of what everyone else is getting up to.

Stay Connected To Your Team

Communication is key at a time like this when everyone is feeling disengaged and disconnected from the world. I would recommend using a tool such as Slack or Skype to keep in touch with your colleagues and schedule daily catch-up calls so you can stay on track with your tasks and iron out any issues or problems.

Take Breaks and Eat Well

Use the opportunity of being at home for once to cook some fresh, healthy meals and sit down for a proper breakfast (that is, if the shops haven’t been absolutely drained of food and you’re utilising the last dregs of your cupboard.) Make sure you’re taking proper breaks to stay focused; reading a book for a while, taking a shower or cooking a hearty lunch is a great way to get a well-deserved screen break.

I’m making the most of all this extra time to craft delicious brekkies/brunches like this!


So there we have it, guys. Like I said, I’m certainly no expert on this topic, however if these little tips even help one of you in this current situation, I’m happy!

Stay safe and well. Speak to you all soon!

Love, Dayna x


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