Review: The Flint House, Brighton

Hi everyone – I hope you’re all doing fabulously.

It’s been a while since I last wrote up a review of a restaurant, and today’s blog post is about a place I finally tried a few weeks ago that’s been on my ‘to try’ list for as long as I can remember. If you know me, you’ll know that my ‘to try’ list is as long as my arm, and this restaurant has been at number one for quite a while now, so my lovely boyfriend took me here to celebrate my birthday recently. Brownie points for him!

The Flint House, a restaurant from the Gingerman Group, is a fairly new place tucked away in Brightons Lanes specialising in small plates, with a cocktail bar and roof terrace, which I imagine will be a gorgeous addition to the Lanes in the Spring and Summer.

Unfortunately, you can’t reserve a table, and upon turning up you’re given the option of a bar seat along the window, along the kitchen or a small table. We originally went for the bar however due to the fact I am the most indecisive person ever, we resorted to a table after all as there was plenty of room left in the restaurant and I had to snap up the opportunity before it became busier.


I want to point out before anything else that the service here was extremely memorable and impressive; attentive to just the right amount without being overbearing, our waitress was chatty, friendly and helped us pick out some great dishes.

They also managed not to eye-roll at my ridiculous clumsiness that I am notorious for; somehow I spilt the entire pot of olive oil and balsamic vinegar over our table, launched my fork across the restaurant and dribbled wine down my top within the space of five minutes… and this was before the bottle of delicious Picpoul was consumed. Lord, please give me strength.

As always, we started off by sharing some homemade bread and oil with marinated olives. My boyfriend and I have wildly different tastes in food (i.e. I am vegan and pretty much un-fussy with my food, he is a self-confessed carnivore and won’t go near most vegetables) so this is our usual staple when it comes to sharing a starter. The bread was fresh, slightly chewy and light; everything you want it to be.


I was really pleasantly surprised that the Flint House have a full vegan menu with a multitude of interesting options; generally, small-plate/tapas style restaurants don’t cater too impressively for vegans, so I was super pleased that I had so much to choose from.

‘I won’t eat that’ or ‘I guess I can try it’ were the words uttered from my boyfriends mouth when I perused which plates I wanted to try myself, however when they arrived, he probably scoffed more of it all than I did and we both thoroughly enjoyed each dish.


Tempura Enoki Mushrooms with Whipped Tofu


The tempura batter on these mushrooms was super light and the whipped tofu basically resembled a mayonnaise – a much welcomed condiment to a crispy, salty dish. The mushrooms and batter were seasoned perfectly and I’d definitely order this again next time!

Sweetcorn Fritters with Whipped Tofu


Similarly to the above, the fritters were amazingly crispy and didn’t leave a greasy residue like fritters often do. The whipped tofu was a welcome accompaniment, however I think something a little more tangy like sweet chilli would have gone really well with the milder flavours of sweetcorn.

Roast Broccoli with Chilli and Artichoke Puree


Some necessary green to the table of beige; the roasted broccoli was really tasty (albeit just a smidge too charred for my liking) and the artichoke puree was absolutely delicious; the flavours were paired ideally. I just can’t help thinking that £8 is a slightly questionable price-tag for a piece of broccoli, despite how yummy it was.

Confit Potato


Soft in the middle, crispy on the outside and just the right amount of oily, the Confit Potato was an indulgent side to say the least, and I’d certainly order it again (I most likely would have been able to shove about 10 of these down my gullet, but we settled for one.)


After we’d eaten and finished our wine, we headed upstairs for a post-dinner drink where the atmosphere was buzzy and lively; perfect for a Friday night. Similarly to downstairs, the service was brilliant and super attentive. It was the ideal way to round off a delicious and satisfying meal.


Overall, we had a really enjoyable experience here and would undoubtedly revisit – there are so many other things on the menu I didn’t get to try!

It’s worth remembering that this place is small, and I can imagine it would prove difficult to secure a table sometimes, especially at the weekend. Luckily we were keen beans and turned up at 6:30pm on a Friday, grabbing a table straight away no problemo, however within half an hour the place was heaving (always a good sign) so definitely take note of this if you’re planning on heading there any time soon!

Have you tried The Flint House yet? What were your favourite dishes?

Love, Dayna x


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