Summer Music Festivals 2019

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing fine and dandy.

Following on from last year, I’m here to bring you my annual report-back from the festivals I’ve attended this Summer.

I know they’re not for everyone, but for me, Summer is just not Summer without a festival! Sure, you may return home a shell of your former self, grubby and dirty with a sobbing bank balance after spending your life savings on two beers and a burger, but they’re always totally worth it… really.

So, let’s chat and get stuck in…


We Are Festival | Upminster


Well, well, well… where do I even start with this absolute shambles? It was such a shame that We Are ended up the way it did. We had bought day-tickets for the Saturday event, turned up at about 2pm, and imagined we would be inside the festival for 3pm. Oh, how wrong we were. I’m not entirely sure what had gone drastically wrong in the queue, but there were quite literally thousands of people at a standstill, meaning we missed the majority of our favourite acts.

What’s more, just as we had reached the front of the queue, the hoardes of people behind us decided to recreate the stampede from Lion King (I can’t blame them, if I’m honest) and stormed the gates, knocking down everyone in their way. I wouldn’t have given two shits about this at any other festival as it meant we were FINALLY inside, however the clever clogs who started this rampage forgot that you have to exchange your ticket with a ‘contactless wristband’ at the entrance which is used to pay for ALL of your food and drink. So, unless we wanted to starve for the rest of the day and not drown away our sorrows (absolutely not happening) we had to RE-QUEUE (no, I’m not joking) for these sodding wristbands, meaning we entered the festival at a cool 7pm. I did write a strongly-worded ‘can-I-speak-to-the-manager-esque’ email, however all I got back was a meagre ‘sorry’ and the reassurance that the Sunday event ran very smoothly indeed. Cheers Geoff.

How much?

I believe We Are tickets come out on a tiered basis, however we were late to the party so paid about £70 for a 1-day ticket.


We Are was a really great mix of all sorts – drum and bass, house, pop… you name it. It’s gutting, because the acts we did manage to see were fantastic – the day was just pretty much ruined (and cut ridiculously short) because of the idiotic organisation!


I’m sure if we’d entered the festival at a normal time, it would have been good vibes all round, but because of what I explained in the mini story-time above, it wasn’t quite that. I try to be a positive person so we still enjoyed the time we did have there, but I certainly wouldn’t rush back any time soon.


Erm… leaving? Nah, probably the delicious food or watching Chase and Status on the main stage.



Land Beyond | Brighton

I assumed Land Beyond was the replacement for Wildlife festival this year due to the alarmingly similar graphics and logo etc, however I assumed wrong. It was a great day, however measly compared to the wonderful Wildlife which STILL hasn’t made its comeback *sobs*. Spread over only one tent, it’s the smallest festival I’ve ever been to, however for the cheap price I wasn’t complaining as it was genuinely a really fun day!

How much?

I think my ticket cost around £30, so it’s certainly a more budget-friendly option.


As there was only one tent and a small garage stage, the music inside the tent mainly focused around drum and bass/bassline. So, if heavy electronic music isn’t your mojo, I’d stay well away from this one if I were you!


A small local shindig, the atmosphere wasn’t anything notable but everyone seemed to be having a grand o’l time and I’d definitely be up for returning again next year.


Partying inside the packed out tents alllll day long.



Nass Festival | Bath

The only camping festival I attended this year; despite having a really fun weekend, I wouldn’t return simply for the fact that it’s the only festival I’ve ever been to where you have to QUEUE to get into a tent… yep, I’m serious. Gone are the days of standing on your tip-toes at the back of a crowd – you actually had to stand in ginormous queues of 30-60 minutes just to get in and watch your favourite DJ. It’s a no from me… bad move, Nass!

How much?

For a 4 day festival, tickets are modestly priced at £140. This also comes with a ‘litter bond’ of £5 – if you fill up a bag of litter and hand it in at one of their noted points, you get £5 handed back to you.


The music at Nass was a highlight in itself – if you like drum and bass, you’ll be laughing as it’s pretty much the only thing every tent played. If that’s not your thing, they also had dedicated techno and hip hop areas. Thumbs up from me!


I must say the clientele of Nass wasn’t the most attractive part of the festival: think average age of 16, first time away from mum and dad going wild and most people incapable of using a toilet correctly. Yeah…


The music, as there were about 200 acts I wanted to see that weekend. It’s just a shame we missed half of them due to the ridiculous queues!



South West Four | London

My last festival of the year and probably the best – SW4 did not disappoint at all. Queuing was a breeze (Halle-fucking-lujah), the weather was ON POINT and it’s such an easy location to get to from Brighton.

How much?

A one-day ticket will set you back about £60.


The variety of music here was fab and there was really something for everyone; we had our pop fix with acts such as Mabel and Example, your dance music with tonnes of drum and bass and house, and oldies such as Tinie Tempah. Don’t tell him I said that.


Think classic summer, cocktails, sun and pure happiness.


Watching Tinie Tempah on the main stage and reciting every single word to those classics.


Watchlist for next year:

Hospitality on The Beach | Croatia

South Central | Portsmouth

Boomtown | Winchester

That’s all from me for a while! Tomorrow is the day I jump on a plane to Bangkok to commence 3.5 months of travelling around Asia (eeek) and I have no idea how much or if I’ll be updating my blog at all. You’ll find out…

Love from, Dayna x


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