7 Nights in: Ibiza

Hello everyone!

Here it is… the yearly account of my annual girls holiday.

You’ve read about Zante. You’ve heard about Kavos... and you’ve seen Malia. This year, however… it was time to upgrade and head to Ibiza.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for a cheap, vomit-inducing, greasy, stinking holiday in a destination like such. But, once you’ve done one, you’ve basically done them all, so we decided to say farewell to the strip this year and lord it up a bit in ‘Beefa. Oh so worth it, it was.


My main ‘concern’ (if you could put it that way) about Ibiza was the expense of it once you’re actually there. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the 10 euro bottles of water and 80 euro club entrance fees (which are most certainly true, in some cases… but it’s all about tactics.)

It’s safe to say I was practically pissing myself with excitement at the thought of going to Ibiza – the clubbing, the atmosphere, the weather… it literally has it all, and not to sound like one of those people who go to Ibiza on their first lads holiday and genuinely never return, I happily would go back every single year until I die. Soz.

One of the things I really loved about Ibiza was that it doesn’t revolve around one big strip, unlike many other destinations. There’s San Antonio with the beautiful Sunset Strip, clubs and ‘West-End’ strip (which, by the way, looked absolutely foul – I’m all for a bit of ‘rough’ but this took the biscuit), there’s Playa den Bossa with the famous superclubs, boat parties and Ibiza Old Town too. The diversity of options really shows, as we met all sorts of people as young as 18 to as ‘old’ as 40+ (sorry Mum…)


Anyway, as said, it was a brilliant holiday and I’m here to give you a few lil’ recommendations and tips. Grab a cuppa (or a glass of wine) and enjoy…


If I could give you one tip for Ibiza it would be: PRE-BOOK EVERYTHING. We pre-booked all 5 of our events, and not only does it give you a bit of time to plan and understand the different areas, you save a SHIT tonne of money.

We spent £20-50 on each event, and noticed that on the door, they’d hiked the prices up to 50-80 euros. Yikes.

As I say, it’s not like Ibiza revolves around one single strip with all the action, so I can imagine if you had no idea what was on offer, it might be quite overwhelming deciding what to book as some days of the week have up to 5 events to choose from. Without further waffle, here’s the events we booked:

DJ EZ Eluzive Pool Party – Ibiza Rocks

Everyone’s heard of the iconic Ibiza Rocks Hotel, and even though we didn’t get to stay there, we were keen to attend one of their famous pool parties. I’d definitely recommend an event here; it’s loud, pretty busy and had a proper party atmosphere (wow, my English is just impeccable). We only paid £20 for our ticket which really isn’t bank-breaking, and had such a fab day boogieing on the dance floor (my God, I sound like my Mum) and drinking a little too much. A little too much that meant one of my friends decorated the toilet walls slightly too early on in the day, but we made it work.


Kisstory Party – Ocean Beach Club

I wasn’t expecting to love Ocean Beach at all – I thought it would be snobby, poncy and full of people tip-toeing around in 10-inch heels, posing with bottles of Moet and grinding on Wayne Lineker (which, to be fair, it was). However, all jokes aside, the vibe was completely different to how I thought it would be. The music was amazing and everyone was just having so much fun dancing – we even had a proper sit-down meal in the restaurant there alongside 3 jugs of sangria. Oh, how civilised. When the gorgeous sunset made an appearance, it made the evening!

We only paid £25 for our advance ticket, which really isn’t that pricey when you remember it’s a party from midday to midnight.


BIG By David Guetta – Ushuaia

A little bit of cringe thrown in, I’ll admit, but Ushuaia was hands-down one of my favourite venues. This was where we realised the extent of how expensive Ibiza can be (22 euro vodka and coke, I’m looking at you here) however if you expect this, you can plan for the costs a little more. Ushuaia is basically just one giant outdoor stage, and I’d definitely return next year for a different event.


IBZ Boat Party – Playa D’en Bossa

A holiday isn’t a holiday without some kind of boat trip in my eyes… and what better than it being a boozy one? I mean, it would have been better if the choppy waves hadn’t induced a kind of sea-sickness/nausea that made you question your previous nights love for mojitos and made you desire nothing other than to swan dive off the boat and swim back to normality, but we’ll go with it.

If I’m honest, I actually much preferred the boat parties/booze cruises in the ‘cheap’ destinations – they were more lively and on bigger boats, however this wins first prize for it’s free paella, fruit platters, jet ski rides, ALL DAY FREE BAR and free entry to Hi, one of Ibizas superclubs.



Glitterbox – Hi Ibiza

We chose Glitterbox as our free event at Hi (savvy – it cost 80 euros on the door. Christ.) and we ABSOLUTELY loved it and all agreed it was one of our highlights of the trip. Although nobody else seemed as into the ‘glitter’ theme as us, we loved the disco-themed night and the music was simply groovin’. Oh, and even the actual toilets had a DJ and lasers, so if you can’t get enough of the tunes, you can still jiggle whilst you’re having a… never mind.


Not a bad walk of shame if I do say so myself.


As for food, oh my lord did we have some favourite spots. Gone are the days of 3 courses for 7 euros (honestly, what on earth are they feeding you for that kind of price?) We actually enjoyed some really, really good food whilst we were there and loved pretty much every restaurant we chose. The highlights were…


Natural Pau

I don’t usually like going back to the same place on one holiday… but we ended up coming here four times for brunch. I did fall out of love with the place on our last visit when I found a dried up, old dead wasp in my half-eaten lunch, but that’s beside the point. If you like acai bowls, pina coladas, avocado toast and Bali-esque swing chairs, you’ll love this place… just flick your food about before you eat it.




We ate here on our first night and didn’t have a bad word to say about it. It’s bang on the sunset strip, wedged between Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar and just boasts the best vibes. We were so content sitting there just livin’ life, sippin’ on cocktails and eating our body weight in tapas.




Skinny Kitchen

Let’s ignore the appalling name and focus on the important shit: grub. We ate here twice and could easily have visited again if we had time. The vegan options were amazing (oh, the joy of not being offered salad, as if that’s enticing) and on my first visit I went for the Soya Protein Burger with sweet potato fries. Oh, fancy hangover food. The second time I decided to pretend to be healthier (or just realised that I was sick of sporting a pot-belly in my bikini) and had the Sweet Potato Hash.


Darling, it’s a charcoal bun did you know. They haven’t just left it on the grill for too long.


Tapas Lounge and Restaurant

If I had to crown one winner (like anybody cares) it would be this place. Really creatively named, err, Tapas… the tapas, funnily enough, was to die for, and they catered so well for vegans which is generally unusual with this type of cuisine. I could have married the waitress when she said they even do VEGAN GARLIC AIOLI… honestly, what a day. Despite this meal being really strategically eaten after the boat party and me almost spewing over the decorative plants after being offered a free shot of… I don’t even know what, the food was honestly amazing. 10/10.

Ignore the prawns (not mine) because fish are friends not food.

Villa Mercedes

Last but not least we have Villa Mercedes; a beautiful little restaurant overlooking San Antonio Harbour. Set up on tiers with waterfalls, chic furniture and whitewash walls, you feel like you’ve stepped into the set of Mamma Mia here.




Despite it providing us with one of our favourite nights, Cafe Mambo didn’t make the cut for ‘food’ highlights – the atmosphere, service, location and bevvies all score 10/10, but the food was just slightly… meh. Like when you look forward to a McDonalds all day and upon the first chew you realise it actually tastes like a piece of dried up carpet. Yeah, that.




So, there we have it – my round-up of the wonderland that is Ibiza! I can’t wait to go again (hopefully next Summer) so if you have any recommendations yourself, do let me know! I can’t wait to hear them.

Love, Dayna x




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