The Next Chapter

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the sun.

It’s been a while since I sat at my computer and talked to you all about my general life. Obviously I tell you about my travels, what I’ve been shoving in my gob and where I like to eat (see a pattern?) However, it’s been quite long since I simply chatted to you about what I’m getting up to, and I was feeling it today.

I love nothing more than sitting down and stabbing aggressively at the keyboard like a frustrated budgie trying to prise a sunflower seed from someones hand, getting all my thoughts out in one big spiel (and subsequently realising I’ve made 204 spelling mistakes from typing so rapidly). What’s more, I feel I’ve got substantial news to update you all on, so the time has come!

I’ve not had the best few months, if I’m honest – I was made redundant from my previous job which I loved back in May (shit) and struggled massively finding a new job, which I wasn’t expecting at all (even shitter.) I had various interviews which I thought went really well, however was always overtaken by someone with more experience – yawn. I know it sounds petty, but it really was a big knock to the ol’ self-esteem (not to mention my poor savings account.)

What was also rather annoying was that I was searching desperately for a good job which was only going to keep me going for a few months, as I’m going travelling in September for 3 months. Trying to get hired when you’re going to be working as long as your notice period really isn’t the one.

Me and my best friend are catching a flight to Bangkok on the 8th September, travelling around South-East Asia and back in time for Christmas. That’s the plan, anyway!

Travelling is something I have always wanted to do, but one of those things I knew would never happen if I didn’t just grow some balls and book myself onto a flight. I can’t see myself being totally happy or satisfied, starting a job and saving for my future if I haven’t travelled properly first.

I’ve never been away for longer than 2 weeks – nay, I’ve never even been to Asia at all. So, to say I’m nervous (and curious) is an understatement. ‘Nervous?’ You’re probably wondering – well, the thoughts currently running through my brain consist of:

  • What if I get bit by a rabid dog? Even the vaccination can’t help me there.

  • What if I’m trampled by an angry elephant? At least I’ll snuff it in exciting circumstances, I guess…

  • What if I get ill? (Absolutely inevitable, I know.)

  • What if my passport gets stolen and I can’t make it home in time for Christmas? (I want my Mum to miss me, but not ruin her festivities, alright)

Yes, I know I’m a worrier. Despite all these worries, though, I am obviously extremely excited and cannot wait to explore this amazing part of the world.

We’re not doing too much in the way of planning as we want to keep things flexible, but our rough plan =

Bankgok > Northern Thailand > Laos > Vietnam > Cambodia > Southern Thailand > Malaysia > Singapore > HOMEWARD BOUND FOR CHRISTMAS.

What’s really cheered me up recently is that I’ve FINALLY been offered a job, but to start in January when my travels are over. After such a disheartening time recently facing constant rejection, draining myself with applications, research coming out of my ears and interview prep taking over my daily thoughts, this was such a relief and really gave me the boost I needed.

I’m going to try and blog whilst I’m in Asia about each of the destinations I visit, so I’ll probably be annoying the locals by frequenting various internet cafes far too often and asking how I turn on the computer 10+ times. I’m really unsure of what to expect, so if anyone has been to any of these destinations, please do (and I mean please) message me with your tips and recommendations – they would be hugely appreciated!

Until then, expect more travel posts (girls holiday 2019 incoming) and general lifestyle content… the usual. Once again, please do get in touch with any ideas or suggestions if you’ve been to South-East Asia before – I would love to hear all about it!

Speak soon!

Love, Dayna x


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