4 Places To Get A Perfect Pizza in Brighton

Oh, pizza, the love of my life. As I’m sure 99.9% of you reading will agree, pizza is a bloody marvellous creation which needs to be praised accordingly. However…

As much as I love a stodgy old Papa Johns when I’m hungover or a crispy base from Pizza Express with a glass of wine, this blog post is focusing on proper Italian pizzas; authentic, charred bases, good quality toppings and chewy dough. Now that’s what I’m here for.

As much as I appreciate, like I said, a Domino’s or something similar on occasion, I strangely enough feel extremely ill after indulging in one; the heavy toppings, the indigestible dough… it’s all too much for this gal over here, and I will undoubtedly have a terrible stomach ache and bloating after shovelling one down. Worth it? Yeah, probs.

With a proper Italian pizza however, I find that the familiar uncomfortable/close-to -death feeling is obsolete, and I don’t resemble Violet in Willy Wonka when she blows up like a blue balloon… hence why I favour them so much. Without further ado and waffling, let’s get down to business.


Fatto a Mano

Let’s kick it off with this absolute corker: Fatto a Mano. They have gone from strength to strength and now have 3 spots in Brighton, which says it all! It’s perfect for veggies/vegans/meat-eaters alike as they have plenty of options for all tastes, and even have a separate vegan section on the menu *praise the Lord*.

I religiously always go for the ‘Vegana’ pizza and swap the courgettes for mushrooms and even add rocket if I’m feelin’ fancy and want to go all out. Clearly I’m easily pleased.





The holy grail of all pizza in my humble opinion, Purezza is a blessing to the city of Brighton (and now have a spot in Camden, too.)

The restaurant is 100% vegan, however, do not let this put you off. The majority of my visits have been with non-vegans and everyone is always, without fail suitably bowled over.

Most vegan cheese makes my skin crawl, perhaps even induces a gagging effect in me, but Purezza have been perfecting their recipe for years and it shows. Honestly, pay it a visit; you seriously won’t regret it. If you want to drool a little more, I wrote a full review of them which you can check out here.



Very Italian Pizza

I’ve only been to this place once, I’ll admit, but from the second you walk in you really feel like you’ve stepped into a little pizzeria in Italy. (Uhh, yeah, duh, I’m sure that was their aim.)

Vegan options are sparse on the menu but I was happy to go with a traditional Marinara (tomatoes, garlic and oregano) much to the disgust of several of my Instagram followers who questioned why I had just ordered ‘tomato on toast’ in one of the best pizza restaurants in Brighton. I could’ve added some extras, but fancied keeping it basic for once, alright?

You can really tell their ingredients are of a high quality here. Even better, the pizzas are bloody ginormous. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes when it was plonked in front of me, but of course I ate the entire thing, crumbs and all.




The pizza pictured below is a ‘vegan special’ I ate about three years ago, but it’s been playing on my mind ever since… I think that says it all.

Slightly disappointingly located (on all but West Street, home to Popworld, Revolution, Cheeky Chicken and the infamous Boutique bar rife with hen-do’s and vomit) you really wouldn’t expect Nuposto to serve up decent grub… but they really do.

If you find yourself near the beach or find yourself hungry after day-drinking in Walkabout, head straight to this place and you’ll never look back. (As most of the places I’ve mentioned, there are plenty of options for vegans here, too.)



So, there we have it guys – 4 of the best (if not THE best) pizzas you can get your paws on in Brighton.

Where do you think does the best pizza in Brighton? Let me know, I’d love to try!

Chat soon.

Love, Dayna x



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