2 Nights in: Rome

Hello everyone – I hope you’re all well.

Today, I’ve finally got round to writing about my trip to Rome back in, erm… March. I know, I know, I’m a shite excuse for a blogger.

However, as we’re now well into Spring and Summer is on its way too *cries with relief* Rome is going to be a popular destination to head to. So, actually, this is great timing… right?

Anyway; my amazingly generous and thoughtful sister surprised me with a trip to Rome for my 21st birthday, so you could safely say I was well and truly spoilt.

We kicked the day off rather alarmingly; over-excited about our break and yacking away in the car, it seems my sister missed the turning for Gatwick airport, so we now had to fly 20 minutes further down the road before being able to take a turning to head back. Oh dear…this could only mean one dreadful, tragic thing: a Pret breakfast instead of a fry-up in Spoons. The disappointment is indescribable.

Luckily we made our flight in good time, and we were up and away. Upon arriving in Rome, we hopped in a taxi with a very amusing driver who insisted on giving us a rendition of each and every one of his favourite opera tunes.

My sister had booked a brilliant Airbnb near the Trevi Fountain, so after clambering over the cleaners Henry Hoover and mop, we dumped our bags and got out there with just one thing in mind: pizza.



I think lots of people who’ve been to Rome before find the actual Trevi Fountain and its location quite a surprise; it kind of pops out of nowhere, like BAM and there it is. I know, I really do have such a way with words.

After some obligatory snaps and a euro chucked in for good measure, we headed to Pizza in Trevi – a tiny restaurant just around the corner. As this restaurant was very central it was a little pricier, however I can confirm that the pizza was absolutely delicious. Like, you can feel your stomach bloating at a concerning rate but still can’t help gorging the rest, even all the crusts delicious.

No cheese for me – a pizza with tomato, mushrooms, artichokes and black olives.

Making the most of our early flight, we decided to walk towards the Colosseum and Roman Forum. As we’d never been to Rome before, we booked ourselves onto a guided tour of both, and we were so glad we did. I’d definitely recommend this, otherwise I can imagine walking around both places might not have much context or detail without someone who really understands the history of it all.

Inside the Colosseum
Inside the Roman Forum.

In our first day, we managed to squeeze a lot in as we are total keen beans.

I’d had many recommendations to head to Trastevere of an evening (especially from locals) and I can totally see why – we ended up going both nights!

Obviously in a busy and touristic city it can be difficult finding real, authentic food that won’t snatch up your weekend budget. However, in Trastevere, the food was not only incredible but also very affordable; the fact it’s mainly full of locals rather than tourists says it all!

Our favourite of the two restaurants: Cajo e Gajo. They even gave you a complimentary prosecco on arrival!
Nannarella – not as brilliant as the previous, but still fab.

I urge you to head to Trastevere if you’re planning a trip to Rome any time soon – you won’t regret it. Even better, there’s plenty of bars in Trastevere down all the winding streets, so there’s plenty of opportunity for pre and post-dinner tipples.

The next day, we headed to Coromandel for breakfast, and I would highly recommend it; the brunch menu was to die for and it wasn’t overly priced, either.



On day two, Vatican City was on the radar – the smallest country in the world! We’d pre-booked tickets for the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. In all honesty it was very confusing; the entrances were dotted around randomly and most wouldn’t even let us in, so we ended up hurriedly rushing about, shrieking like chickens because we thought we’d miss our slot.


Thank the Pope, we didn’t miss our slot, and we spent a good few hours inside, exploring and taking it all in.

The Sistine Chapel ceiling in all its glory.

If you love museums and, err, old stuff, you’d love a visit to the Vatican City. I would, however, urge you to go as early in the morning as possible; we went during prime time and although we still enjoyed and took it all in, we did feel disconcertingly alike to sheep being hoarded through the hallways, being prodded at by the person behind you. Not ideal.


After a sophisticated dinner and cocktail that night, we decided to head to a nearby club called the Toy Room – after all, it was our last night… why not go all out and blow our remaining euros?

Because we were quite clearly tourists and didn’t know what on earth was going on, we were ushered to the front of the hefty queue (not embarrassing at all) and pushed downstairs. Admittedly, it was a bloody impressive club – in case you hadn’t gauged from the name, it was toy shop themed, and there were arcade games, toy grabber machines and staff dressed in some interesting outfits to say the least. We enjoyed ourselves, however the enjoyment was soon cut short when we realised a single spirit and mixer at the bar had a price tag of 25 euros… interesting. All I can say is, thank goodness the entry came with a free drink, otherwise we’d have been back upstairs quicker than I can say ‘sauvingon blanc.’


Our last day before the flight home was spent sightseeing the bits we’d happened to have missed, and a few hours in the beautiful Villa Borghese park.

The Spanish Steps
The Pantheon
The ‘I don’t know what this is but it’s a cool looking building’ snapshot.

Villa Borghese gardens is an absolutely gorgeous spot, and it was the perfect way to soak up our last day with a few hours in the sun.



We did hire a double bike/tuk-tuk type contraption in the park, but I didn’t get any pictures on it – mainly because it was a death trap in disguise. This thing was dangerous, I tell you; it had a mini electric motor on the back and when you pedalled even slightly, it felt like it was catapulting at about 80mph. We did almost knock a few children over in the process, so the phone stayed firmly in my pocket until we’d returned it and brushed ourselves off.

That rounds up our amazing trip to Rome! Lots of gelato, wine and pasta… just the way I love visiting Italy. We both absolutely loved it and couldn’t recommend it more for a weekend break – in fact, we could’ve easily spent another night there.

Have you ever been to Rome before? If not, is it on your hit-list?

Speak soon!

Love, Dayna x


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