2 Nights in: Prague 🇨🇿

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing fabulously.

Before I start… my blog turned bloody 2 years old yesterday! I want to thank my Mum, my Dad… nah, really, genuinely a big thank you to anyone who actually reads the shit I upload onto here. Thanks for taking an interest in my holidays, excessive alcohol consumption and the food I stuff into my face. Without further ado, let’s get into a recent holiday where I consumed an excessive amount of alcohol and stuffed food into my face.

Because I’m the worst blogger ever, I’m only just getting round to writing about my trip to Prague I took back in November, and what a good trip it was. I went with two of my gals and we had such a nice time – I’d really recommend Prague as a city break in general whether you’re going with mates or your partner.

For us, the weekend revolved around beer and hangovers (obviously) but we still managed to squeeze in lots of civilised daytime activities, too. Let’s get started!

Firstly: AirBnB, AirBnB, AirBnB! Prague is famously cheap, however I can’t express how affordable the AirBnB we booked was! Just like when I went to Budapest, you get so much more for your money if you choose an AirBnB over a hotel –  I absolutely love them.

I don’t actually have any decent pictures of our apartment because we seemingly trashed it with makeup wipes, towels and fluffy coats approximately 2 minutes after arriving, however trust me when I say it was perfect: 10 minutes walk from all the sights, spacious, clean and dirt cheap. They even had a free luggage storage room which was a god-send because our flight out was super early and our one going home was annoyingly late.

Upon arriving we were famished after a measly Pret airport brekkie (fry-up, where were you when I needed you?) So we headed out to find a nice brunch spot.


My friend found a place on TripAdvisor called Bistro Monk, and basically it was just to die for… mainly because of the pretty pink drinks, not gonna lie here.


We sat outside under a heater and just felt so content and happy, sort of like when you finally sit down after a long day with an overflowing glass of Pinot. No? Nobody else?


As brunch places go, you can’t really beat this. I went for the Vegan Mushroom Goulash – for a country with a cuisine so focused on meat, it was nice to have a more authentic Czech choice which I could actually eat! Surprisingly, it was super affordable, considering the whole trendy ‘Instagram aesthetic’ of the place.


We strolled around for a few hours after, taking in the *cloudy* sights, browsing the markets and watched the rather underwhelming Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square.



I will say, the top touristy spots such as the Old Town Square were always significantly more expensive – get off the beaten track by a few minutes or so and you’ll be met with the much more reasonable prices that Prague is known for.


In the daytime, we went to the Drunken Monkey bar to book their bar crawl upon recommendation from some friends who had done it a few months previously and loved it, despite strangely not remembering much of it.

We did it on the Saturday night, however they run the bar crawl every night of the week. If I remember rightly, it was only around £20 each, and that included a T-Shirt (which we all used as Pyjamas for the trip – not sure if that was the intention of it), a 2 hour free bar pre-crawl, a welcome drink in each bar and entry to 3 other bars and a club at the end. Not a bad agreement if you’re askin’ me. Oh, and we also were given a Czech beer upon booking, which pretty much sealed the deal for us.

Lining our stomachs with Czech fare before we embarked on the bar crawl.

The Drunken Monkey bar itself was fab – cheap, cheerful, colourful and extremely lively.


Bare in mind that the 2 hour free bar isn’t exactly going to be of quality – the drink choices were minimal, but what would you expect for 20 odd quid?

There were drinking games, the friendliest staff ever, walls everywhere that were free to scrawl all over and football tables, so if you’re looking for some sophistication in Prague, this probably isn’t your vibe.


I can’t for the life of me remember the names of the bars and clubs we were taken to *shock* but trust me when I say they were pretty damn good, and us 3 girls have varying tastes when it comes to nightlife. There was something for everyone, and everybody was so friendly and just having a great time. 10/10, would totally recommend.

The next day we were feeling slightly worse for wear, but still catapulted ourselves out of the apartment ready for a day of sightseeing.

We went to the Sex Machines Museum, which, as you can imagine was… interesting, to say the least. It was a funny hour-or-so but the ticket was actually quite expensive, so if you’re on a budget maybe give this one a miss.

Stomach-a-grumbling, we hunted out another brunch spot and went to a place called Cacao. It was really good – not Bistro Monk level, but still nice and bloody cheap as chips. French Toast, Acai Bowls and Avo Toast were all on the menu, so we were happy bunnies. Oh, and hot juice, apparently. My friend got a freshly pressed apple juice and was a bit miffed that it wasn’t nice and cold, so proceeded to tell the waitress that her juice was warm. Obviously the language barrier was prominent in this situation, as the juice was brought back, boiling hot and steaming from the microwave. Interesting. If you find yourself here, just accept that the juice isn’t cooled to your liking, if I were you.


We decided to head to Charles Bridge to take in the sights and walk over to the other side of the city.


We headed to the John Lennon Wall, imagining a spectacular, bright and beautiful spectacle. Instead, we were slightly disappointed; it seemed most of the iconic, well-known artwork had been shrouded by shitty teenagers graffiti and actually, the wall was about as long as my toe (which, to be fair, is quite sizeable.)


Obviously a picture for the gram was snapped, however I’d tell you to save the walk/time and not bother going to see the John Lennon Wall, unless you want to be disappointed with how underwhelming it is.

That evening we fancied some cocktails, so after some Trip-Advisoring, we came across Duplex Loft Bar.



We sat outside on the rooftop with blankets and heaters and it couldn’t have been more perfect! The cocktails were only about £4-£5 each too, which you can’t really complain about!

This was on a Sunday night so it was slightly quiet, however I heard that on a Saturday night it turns into a club, which I can so picture being amazing.

We discussed beforehand that we’d probably have a chilled one – after all, we still felt slightly nauseous from the previous nights bar crawl, and wanted to squeeze in as much sightseeing before our flight home the next day. However, after getting a taste for mojitos once again, we decided to make the most of it and head out out.


A barmaid recommended a club called Chapeau Rouge to us, saying it was one of the best places to go on a Sunday, and we absolutely loved it! Upstairs was more of a lively bar vibe, and the downstairs was a club.

As I said, we had a full day of sightseeing to squeeze in the next day, along with our flight home. We were supposed to restrict ourselves from going too wild, but when a glass of wine costs £2, needs must. Never deny cheap alcohol. (That is terrible advice, please ignore me.)


We had to check out at the rough old time of 10am the next day, although seemingly slept through/ignored our alarms in the morning, and woke up around 11:30am to the door being furiously pummelled by the cleaner. Oh dear. Out we leapt out of bed, eyelashes hanging off and the remnants of our McDonalds chips scattered on the floor. Luckily we made it out in approximately 10 minutes, and headed out for another day.

Heads slightly pounding, we sought out breakfast and decided to book ourselves on to some river sightseeing. I think the ticket was around £10, and came with the river cruise, museum ticket, a free drink and gingerbread. The thought of a free beer admittedly made me gag just slightly, so I went all out with a lemonade and the girls were miraculously cured by an ice-cold hair of the dog.

It was extremely cloudy when we did the sightseeing, but a pleasant way to pass the time nonetheless. Honestly, I think we were just desperate to sit down for an hour.



After our river cruise, we drank a lil’ bit more beer and checked out the many shops in the city, because, well, when in Rome (or Prague, apparently.)

That seems to wrap up our girls weekend to Prague! Overall we had such a good time together and I’d really recommend the place for a budget getaway – the nightlife was spot-on and there was so much to do to fill the days up. As like most city breaks I’ve been on, I’d love to return, but when it’s a bit warmer – the clouds and arctic temperatures just aren’t my favourite.

Have you been to Prague before? What did you think of it?

Love, Dayna x


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