Summer Music Festivals 2018

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

Today’s post is about my absolute favourite time of year, SUMMER. In case you didn’t already know from my various rants on social media and general seasonal misery, I despise Winter. Give me a tan, sunny weather and a cocktail or 10 any day of the week. But, if you’re coming at me armed with your hot chocolates, ‘cosy nights in’ and cold, dark evenings… you, my friend, can get in the bin.

All jokes aside, Summer is such a feel-good season for me and I spend the rest of the year in denial that it ever ended. I’m just not a Winter gal you see – I’d much prefer to sit out in the warmth wearing summery clothes, drinking Pimms and eating BBQ food, than I would sitting around a fire, perishing with the flu and forcing down sprouts. It’s just not a bit of me.

Negativity pushed away – one of the best parts of Summer, for me, is going to a festival! What is better than permanently staining your skin with glitter, drinking all day and just having fun with your best friends? Absolutely nothing. So, I thought I’d chat to you guys about the festivals I attended this Summer and what I thought of them! Let’s get to it.


Mutiny Festival | Portsmouth

Going all out for the first glitter event of the year…

Mutiny was my first festival this Summer and it’s such a shame that it had to end so tragically. Unfortunately two people actually died at the festival due to drugs which meant the second day was cancelled as a precaution – as you can imagine, two young people heading to a festival to have the time of their lives and never coming home is just horrific to think about and I can’t even imagine what the poor victims families have had to experience! RIP to the two people who lost their lives.

Mutiny released a statement saying they would be re-launching next year with a different name and different branding in respect for the two who passed away.

How much?

Our full weekend tickets cost us around £70, so it’s a very affordable option.


From classic Dizzee Rascal to Wilkinson and Sub Focus, there was really something for everyone! The dance tents were amazing and the sound system was surprisingly really good, as usually at smaller festivals it can be a bit shocking! The main stage was also fan-bloody-tastic.


It was warm, the music was amazing and we were all lovin’ life. It did seem the festival had attracted a younger crowd though, and even though we had a fabulous time I probably wouldn’t return!



Watching Wilkinson b2b Sub Focus on the main stage and singing along to every word… oh, and watching my most lightweight friend drink her body weight in vodka, shovel down a plate of chips and vomit said chips on a neat pile in the grass. Summer vibes.


Lovebox Festival | London


Even though the music wasn’t especially to my taste, Lovebox was probably one of the nicest festivals I’ve been to so far! The actual set-up was really spacious, there were tonnes of delicious food outlets, fairground rides and everyone was dressed so vibrantly. Proper festivally vibes… load up on the Gypsy Shrine, I’d say.

How much?

I think a one day ticket cost me about £60, so it’s on the pricier side.


Lovebox was pretty much all house music based – I mean, house is probably my least favourite genre, but I was just in dire need of a festival-fix so off I went. If you like house music, you’ll be in absolute heaven here!


It was bloody BOILING in the heat of Summer, there were carnival vibes abso-everywhere and everyone was just loving life. A rather fun day out, 10/10.


Watching DJ Zinc belt out his best tunes was probably my favourite part… oh, and the halloumi fries. They made it a good, good day.



Creamfields | Daresbury


I’ve been to Creamfields twice now (2017 and 2018) and I’ve absolutely loved both times. I’m not sure if I’d return any time soon because, I’ll admit, it is a fucking trek from Brighton. I’ve made the busy bank holiday journey back twice now, and, not gonna lie, they were painful experiences. However, if you haven’t done it before, you’ve gotta – you’ll live through it, and it’s worth it for the festival!

How much?

Creamfields is definitely a more expensive festival, but there are tonnes of different options to choose from. In 2017, we had ‘Bronze’ 3 day camping tickets (about £210) whereas in 2018 we chose ‘Silver’ 4 day camping tickets, which were closer to £300… my poor bank balance. If you’re thinking of going, I’d definitely recommend Bronze camping over Standard as you get ‘proper’ toilets and hot showers, but I don’t think Silver is worth the extra. Also, definitely go for 4 days rather than 3 – it’s so much easier having the extra time to set up and advantage of being the first to the campsite!


Creamfields is a predominantly electronic dance music festival, so think House, Drum & Bass, Bassline and Techno etc. You get proper big headliners such as Major Lazer and Chase & Status to newer and upcoming DJ’s and producers… it’s fab.


I’ve always thought of Creamfields as a really friendly festival. It’s also quite big, so there’s lots of different areas to explore!

This year they had pub-style bar spots, which I loved!


The delight of an ice cold, fresh smoothie every single morning (rock & roll baby) and spending 99% of the time in all the different dance tents. Take me baaack.


Hospitality In The Park | London


If you’re into your D&B, you need to go to Hospitality next year! It’s 1 day long, pretty affordable and super easy to get to from Brighton. It’s probably one of my favourite festivals I’ve been to, to be honest – everyone was there solely for the music and I enjoyed every single act we saw.

How much?

The tickets definitely come out in ‘tiers’, which we missed the cheapest of, so I think my day ticket was around the £60 mark.


Hospitality In The Park is a strictly Drum & Bass event, so if you’re a fan then get yourself down there next year – you won’t regret it!


Despite it pouring with rain the entire day making the whole affair rather wet and muddy (never fun at a festival) it was a fab day, and you could tell everyone was there just to enjoy the music. Love that.


Is it possible to say I genuinely enjoyed every act we saw? It was an early start on the train (hello 10am bevs) to arrive as soon as the first act, Kings of The Rollers began, so it certainly kicked off the day perfectly!


Watchlist for next year:

Wildlife Festival | Brighton

Any fellow Brightonians will know the mutual pain felt when it was announced Wildlife was off the cards for 2018. It’s supposedly going to make a comeback in 2019, so I’m praying every day to the Lord, crossing every finger and toe and dedicating my birthday wishes to it. I need it back in my life.

Hideout Festival | Croatia

If I can, I’d really love to go to Hideout Festival in Croatia next year – it just looks so unusual – more Ibiza-esque than traditional festival vibes but I’m all down for that.

We Are Festival | London

It seems I’ve missed We Are Festival every single year it’s been on, so I’m desperate to go and camp for the whole weekend next year!


That wraps up today’s post, guys! I hope you enjoyed it. Have you been to any of the festivals mentioned? What did you think of them? I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!

Love, Dayna x


3 thoughts on “Summer Music Festivals 2018

  1. They all sound like heaps of fun and I LOVE your outfits for all of them! I’m gearing up for a few festivals this summer here in Australia, can’t wait! x


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