My 1st Lip Filler Experience

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today’s blog post is going to be all about a teeny lil’ procedure I had done recently… lip fillers. This may come as a surprise to some of you if you hadn’t even noticed my new lips by now. Or, maybe some of you guessed it from my plumper pout.

I thought I’d share my experience on the blog today as I personally loved reading posts like this before I got my lips done. So, if I can reassure any of you who are as nervous as I was, or you’re just plain curious about what it entails, sit back and enjoy.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been over-lining my lips with lip-liner and lipstick to achieve a fuller look, so I thought… why not try out fillers? I found a practitioner I knew I could trust (due to her amazing reviews, years of experience and before & after photos) so I just went for it! I was so excited to see some instant results, too.


I went with Charlotte Freeland Aesthetics and, honestly, I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone. She is so professional, kind, chatty, and was extremely knowledgeable about everything, talking me through the ins and outs of the procedure and after-care. I felt very relaxed in her surroundings (post-freaking out and coming up in a rather shocking nervous rash.)


She happened to be running a ‘charity clinic’ the day I went and she donated all profits from that day to the Rockinghorse Charity, which was a really lovely gesture.


An important thing to remember is that you need to be very careful where you go to get any sort of filler. Obviously, lip fillers are extremely ‘in fashion’ at the moment, but this has lead to tonnes of barely qualified people giving out dodgy lip-jobs with cheap fillers, therefore for cheap prices. Seriously, I know a smaller price tag can be very attractive considering fillers aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re probably cheap for a reason! Don’t fall in to the trap.

Your best bet is to go with someone who uses a well-known filler (i.e. Juvederm/Restylane etc), who has trustworthy reviews, and, if possible, a practitioner who someone you know has been to and loved.


I had 1ml of Juvederm put into my lips. I was originally going to go for 0.5ml, but after speaking with Charlotte, I realised I might feel a little underwhelmed with that, as it is a really minuscule amount of filler and wouldn’t make a noticeable difference to my already small lips.


Anyone who knows me will know that, well, to put it lightly – I am a complete and utter WIMP when it comes to pain. I’d been working myself up for weeks about the thought of having a needle put into my actual lips *cringe* so I’m going to be totally honest about how it felt.

Obviously, it hurts – you’re having needles inserted into a really sensitive area, but how bad was it? Really not bad at all, I promise, and I’m the sort of person who will cry when I get a splinter! It just feels like a really, really quick scratchy sensation, and is over so quickly – it was a very bearable pain. Plus, you get numbing cream applied beforehand, so most of the pain isn’t even felt fully anyway.



I researched several things I could do beforehand to make the experience as comfortable as possible. These were:

1- Paracetamol. Who knows if it actually does anything at all, but I took 2 before my appointment, and, like I said, it wasn’t too painful at all.

2 – Arnica tablets. I took arnica tablets for about 3 days prior to my appointment, and I had little to no bruising afterwards. I did get one tiny bruise on my top lip straight off the needle, but it had all cleared up by the next morning.

3 – Antihistamines. I took one before the procedure, and, like I said above, I hardly bruised or swelled at all.

Slightly swollen with a little bruising straight off the needle.


As for after-care, I applied an ice pack to my lips a couple of times just to reduce any swelling. You also need to avoid alcohol for 24 hours afterwards because it can cause bruising (although I might have let loose and had a glass of prosecco that night. What a wild one) and preferably not apply any makeup to your lips for 1 day, too.

Before & After


As you can see, the results are very natural and subtle, but this is what I wanted – there was no way I was coming out of there with the notorious ‘trout pout’.

Charlotte explained how you need to be realistic with fillers – you can’t go in with thin lips and leave straight away looking like Kylie Jenner – if this is the look you want to go for, it takes time and needs to be built up slowly!

Anyway, I’m really happy with my lips and am going to return to Charlotte’s clinic very soon for a top-up! I really couldn’t sing her praises enough.


If you have any questions about lip fillers, feel free to give me a message! Until next time…

Love, Dayna x

3 thoughts on “My 1st Lip Filler Experience

  1. Great tips! I’ve had lip fillers in London from this clinic before. So for me, all these tips are pretty accurate, helpful, effective in correcting the shape & enhancing the volume of the lips. You’ll get positive results. Anyway, thank you for the wonderful Blog!


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