Review: VV Wednesday at Moshimo, Brighton

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing fabulously.

Today’s blog post is a review of Moshimo’s VV Wednesday‘ menu.


To be honest, Moshimo has been a family favourite of ours for years. I’ve been visiting this restaurant from a young age (when I was a kid, I only came here for a fruit salad and would profusely deny my Dads efforts to get me to eat raw fish) however in recent years I’ve loved it mainly because of it’s really extensive and creative veggie and vegan menu.

Considering it’s a sushi restaurant (with fish automatically coming to mind) they have put so much effort into crafting such amazing options for anyone looking to go fish-free, even if it is just for one day. Presenting… VV Wednesday!

Every Wednesday, Moshimo have a separate vegan ‘specials’ menu, along with the regular menu, too. Every day of the week, the vegan options are still fully integrated into the main menu, so don’t worry if you can’t make it on a Wednesday to try the specials – Moshimo pride themselves on serving ‘Brighton’s best vegan sushi!’ Oh, and on a Wednesday, it’s 25% off all plant-based food, too.

VV Wednesday specials on the front!

When they invited me to come in and try, I couldn’t type back a ‘yes’ fast enough, dreaming about stuffing my face with the love of my life... food.

Anyway, let’s get into the bit you’re waiting for. What did we get to eat?

We started with a couple of hot dishes.


On the left is the Vegan ‘Chicken’ Kang Jung special and on the right we have Crispy Vegetable Gyoza.

What can I say? For me, the hot food was the highlight. They were both absolutely delicious and so flavoursome.

The Kang Jung was really spicy and super tasty – they weren’t lying when they said it was served with a ‘firecracking’ sauce! If you like something with a bit of a kick, make it your mission to order this if it’s available! The crunchy peanuts on top just made this dish. 10/10 Brownie points for whoever’s idea it was to put this on the VV Wednesday menu.

As for the Gyoza dumplings on the right, these have always been a firm favourite of mine and I order them every single time I visit! They have such a moorish, salty, savoury taste and I could probably demolish about 10 portions of these if I tried. (Nah, I actually really wouldn’t have to try hard at all.)


If hot Japanese food isn’t your thing and you prefer sushi, sit by the conveyor belt and help yourselves. They have all the usual suspects such as Salmon Nigiri or Tuna Sashimi, as well as tonnes of vegan sushi really clearly marked on orange, yellow or wooden plates.


Next up, sushi time!


Moshimo were so generous and served us one of their wooden boats filled with all kinds of sushi – we let them do the choosing!


There was Avocado, Cucumber and Beetroot Hosomakis, Vegan Cheese & Sunblushed Tomato Maki and Japanese Mushroom Teriyaki to name a few.


Sushi really doesn’t need to include fish when there are there are so many options like this on the menu!


We also had some Avocado & Tempura Prawn Crispy Temaki Handrolls which you can see on the right. I can’t get over how they replicated a crispy prawn so well – they were amazing, and even my Mum who is an avid lover of seafood couldn’t believe how similar it was to the real thing.

After proudly telling the waiter that I could definitely demolish the entire boat (?) of sushi, I admittedly hit a wall and had to proclaim defeat, so we took the rest home in a doggy bag!

As we all know, you have a second stomach for desserts, and I couldn’t resist one here when I saw they had a Vegan Chocolate Pot on the menu… c’mon, it would be rude not to.


This dessert was super rich – it’s hard to believe it didn’t have any dairy in! I love anything remotely to do with chocolate, so this was thoroughly enjoyed and I’d really recommend it to anyone visiting and looking for some indulgence!

A lovely surprise of fresh raspberries in the bottom😍

Do excuse my rather aggressive looking spoon-stabbings – either I was just trying to show you what was in the bottom, or I resemble a wild animal when it comes to chocolate. Most probably the latter.

So, there we have it – an amazing, wholesome, creative meal at Moshimo! Whether you’re sushi-obsessed or a sucker for katsu curry, Moshimo will have a multitude of delicious options for you even you’re vegan, veggie or eat a lil’ bit of everything.

Have you been to Moshimo before? What’s your favourite thing on the menu?

 Love, Dayna x


*Our meal at Moshimo was very kindly complimentary in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are 100% my own.

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