Go Ape Tree Top Adventure

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing fabulously and praying the rain away like I am.

This weekend I became a child again (who am I kidding, I still very much am) and visited one of my favourite spots ever – Go Ape!

If you don’t know what Go Ape is, where have you been?! It’s an outdoor adventure company running ‘Tree Top Adventures’ – essentially, swinging around trees in a harness, walking tightropes and flying down ziplines…all while about 100ft high!

In addition to this, they also offer Forest Segways, Zip Trekking Adventures and Junior Tree Top Adventures for the kiddies. Essentially, this is for EVERYONE! Well… not for anyone with a huge phobia of heights. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be your cuppa tea in that case. Phobias aside, let’s get stuck in!


I’m not a huge fan of heights, but this was actually my second visit to Go Ape. I went before in October to the Crawley site – just outside of Brighton and super easy to get to in the heart of Sussex. It’s also set in the beautiful Tilgate Park, so you can make a real day of it if you so wish. This time, however, we visited the Chessington site, right next to the theme park.

One thing to remember about Go Ape is that you’re not supervised during the course, which may sound a little daunting as you’re literally strolling about in the forest canopy, but do not fear. If I can remain in one piece TWICE at Go Ape, anybody can!


I’m not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to, uhh, most outdoor activities… I can’t even get on a mountain bike without flying off into the mud (this has actually happened)  but the friendly instructors make it super, super easy to understand how to clip and unclip yourself from the course and stay attached at all times. Honestly, within 5 minutes, you know exactly what you’re doing and feel totally safe and in control, so this is nothing to worry about at all.

There’s 5 separate runs to get through, including number 1 which is a really short, simple practise run, just so the instructor can ensure you’ve been listening, know what you’re doing and don’t plunge out of the trees during the course.

Once you’re confident, the course is all yours to enjoy!


Set in gorgeous English woodland, it’s such a pleasant and enjoyable experience making your way through the forest. It’s a brilliant day out for kids and adults alike – a real chance to get outdoors and be active in the most fun way possible!

I mean… considering I nearly cried at the top of The Shard, you’d think a ‘Tree Top adventure’ wouldn’t be my first choice, but once you get going and realise how easy and fun it is, all fear is gone!

You could say it was rather embarrassing how our group of 20+ year olds were shrieking our way down the zip lines, when there were, quite literally, children as young as 10 years old bolting through the trees without a care in the world.


There were several options in the courses where you could choose between an easy route or a hard route, which was a nice touch as, to be frank, some of the hard routes looked like death traps lying ahead and weren’t for the faint hearted… A.K.A. me. If you’re someone who’s up for a challenge, however, you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop.

Each course ends with a zip-line to get you back down to ground level, which are far more invigorating than steps, if you ask me. *Calls for petition for all staircases to be replaced with zip-lines.*

The zip-lines were SO much fun and I wish I could have done them all again! Although, don’t expect to look graceful gliding down one. Let me just show you how they usually pan out…

It all started off so well…
Accepting the inevitable… whilst still going about 80mph.
Floor fate = accepted.
Just laugh it off…

The best zip-line by far was the one right at the end of the last course – it was a 4 person line, so everyone in our group got to hurtle down it side-by-side in a race which was brill. Writing about it is making me want to do it all again!


Overall, we had such a fantastic time at Go Ape and I’ll certainly be returning in the future for more adrenaline! Whether you’re a parent looking for a fun, outdoorsy and very different activity to do with your kids this Summer, or you’re just a big kid like me and love a thrill, I can assure you’ll have a great day out at Go Ape and will leave wanting more! Just make sure you listen thoroughly to the instructor… I ain’t taking no responsibilities for falling-induced injuries!


I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you a lil’ inspo for your next fun day out! Have you been to Go Ape before? What did you think of it?

Speak soon!

Love, Dayna x

*Our day at Go-Ape was kindly free for reviewing purposes, however all opinions are 100% my own.



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