5 Nights in: Estepona

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

Today’s blog post is gonna be short and sweet – it’s all about a recent getaway I had, to the quaint town of Estepona in Spain – it’s just in between Marbella and Gibraltar.

The reason for my visit was that my great Uncle lives there, and he was having a 70th birthday party. Good excuse for a bit of sun, me thinks.


Typically, it actually ended up being warmer in the UK than Spain for most of our trip, but we’ll just ignore that fact *sobs*. I swear to God, this always happens to me. What have I done to deserve this?

Anyway, I’ve been to Estepona twice now, so I thought I’d do a little write up about it. It’s fairly unheard of compared to it’s popular Marbella neighbour, and probably overlooked; it’s nothing spectacular, but it’s a nice little break for us Brits and very easily accessible.

It’s got a sandy beach, plenty of sangria watering holes and an abundance of paella spots. What more could you want?

tempImageForSave (5)

When we arrived in Gibraltar airport (A.K.A, the tiniest airport known to mankind) we hopped into our taxi and were whizzed to our AirBnB by a very elderly, erratic driver who was flying over the roundabouts at what felt like 100mph. Safe to say I was a little nervy during that ride.

We all arrived in one piece, so I shouldn’t moan. When we got to our AirBnB, we were utterly embraced by our Spanish host family as if we were long-lost family. Nawww. Brits need to up their hospitality game!

The view of the harbour from our balcony.

On our first morning, we had my Uncles birthday party. Now, I won’t lie – a party filled with uhh, OAPS (sorry Unc) wasn’t exciting me too much, but it was actually a fab day spent out in the sun, sinking bottles of local Spanish wine and eating alllll the food.

tempImageForSave (1)
It’s okay Dayna, just stare out at this lovely view while 70 year old Roger tells you what a pretty girl you are.

After going to the supermarket with my Mum once the party had finished to purchase, err, more wine, the bottle was swiftly removed from her hand and we were told that they had stopped serving alcohol at that time. Hmm… I’m unsure whether this is a legitimate law in Spain, or if the security guard just hadn’t appreciated the sight of us tottering in and falling in our heels, but that called it a night for us. It was probably for the better!

tempImageForSave (3)

I told myself I was going to use this holiday to ‘cleanse’ my soul – you know, enjoy the warm Mediterranean breeze, immerse myself in the ocean and eat nothing but fresh fruit and water for 5 days. This lasted for all but one evening, before I decided that I actually much prefer caramel Magnums and copious amounts of G&T. Noice.


What did we do for the rest of the time? Well, Estepona old town is really cute and picturesque, filled with windy roads and flowers everywhere you look. It’s also only an hour away from Marbella and Gibraltar which are great places to explore, but we did that on our last visit so didn’t repeat ourselves!


tempImageForSave (2)

I also developed a new-found love for sangria – oh my, how have I never tried this beauty before? The fact it’s made with red wine put me off massively, but after very little persuading from my Mum, I became obsessed and drank it every single day. The health kick was put on hold, okay?


It was lovely to get some beach days in – although, the sea was bloody cold and I couldn’t actually face putting my foot in, let alone diving in there for a spot of breast-stroke.


After drinking my body weight in prosecco and sangria every day straight, I was ready to hop on that plane home and… drink for another 4 days straight to celebrate bank holiday weekend. You didn’t think I was gonna say detox, did you?

We enjoyed lots of paella, lots of walking, family time and a spot of sun. A pleasant little break away!

I hope you liked reading this blog post – there really isn’t a huge deal to say about the place, other than it’s a great base for exploring nearby areas of Spain and it has all you need for a nice little holiday to catch some rays and eat some authentic, tasty food.

Have you been to Estepona before? What do you think of it?

Love, Dayna x

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