Review: A Stay At Tinwood Estates Luxury Lodges

Hi everyone! I’m here to talk about my recent stay at Tinwood Estates Luxury Lodges.

I hope you all had lovely bank holidays – I sure did. 3/4 of the nights were spent guzzling wine, and 4/4 of the days were spent shovelling down chocolate until I quite literally became concerned I was going to vom. So, you could say it was a hugely successful Easter weekend.

On the night of Easter Sunday my boyfriend Jake and I paid a visit to the gorgeous Tinwood Estate just outside of Chichester, Sussex. It’s about an hour away from Brighton, so really convenient for all you Brightonians reading.

The reason, you might wonder? It was my birthday present from back in February, and we’d been looking forward to this getaway ever since.

Tinwood Estate is a vineyard where they specialise in making the finest sparkling wine. They have a farm covering hundreds of thousands of grape vines, and offer vineyard tours, wine tasting and overnight stays in their 3 luxury lodges. They are B-E-A-utiful. Keep reading to find out what our experience was like!

We kick-started our day with lunch at the closest pub, The Anglesey Arms. This place was nice, and we couldn’t fault the food, but there are lots and lots of other restaurants nearby which we were told we could get taxi’s to. This place is the most convenient, though, as it’s literally less than a 10 minute walk from Tinwood.

Anyone that knows me will know exactly which plate is mine… the Courgette and Mushroom Linguine was delicious, by the way.

After a spot of lunchin’, we made our way to the estate where we checked into our room. The three lodges are fittingly named after 3 different types of grape, and we were given the Pinot Meunier lodge.




I mean, you just can’t fault the rooms one bit. They’re spacious and spotless, and it’s obvious how much attention to detail and effort have gone into them.

The bed, by the way, was a DREAM. It was like sleeping on a cloud (because I know what that feels like…)



The decor was simple, yet very classy and effective. There were loads of candles and flowers everywhere, just creating a really lovely atmosphere. Little things, for me, go a long way!

Undoubtedly, the star of the show was the amazing bath… pretty much the main reason I wanted to come here (shh).


It was, to put it lightly, mahoosive. Designed for 2 people, it featured jacuzzi jets and a TV at the end. Now, THAT is what dreams are made of. I want one installed in my house ASAP.

Interior goals right there.
There was also a gigantic walk-in shower in case baths aren’t your thang.
There’s also a barrel sauna outside the lodge, which we unfortunately didn’t make use of.

So, as you can see, top-notch rooms right here. The bathroom always sells it to me the most, to be honest, and it was just pucka. God, I’m sorry for using that 50-year-old-boozy-man word. Moving on…

We had the vineyard tour and wine tasting booked for 3pm which I was buzzing for, as, well… wine. Considering they only make 3 different wines at Tinwood, they’ve created a really interesting and entertaining tour which lasted just over an hour, and I’d happily do it all again. If you’re staying in the lodges and not sure about this addition, go for it! You won’t regret it.

They begin the tour with a warm welcome, and then take you outside to show you the vines and talk about how they grow different grapes and a bit of history about the farm.

The typical English weather really making an appearance in this one. Sunshine desperately trying to fight through the rain clouds!



They also took us down to the cellar where they showed us a video about their place and went into more detail about the process of making their wine. After this, it was time for the best bit.

Generous with the bubbles, we were given a full glass of each wine to try – a very welcome change from the usual meagre dribble you get when wine tasting.


I did want a nice photo of all 3 wines together, but for some strange reason they just didn’t last long enough for that.


Oh yeah, if you’re a dog lover, you’ll also love this place. In the welcome book in our room, we were informed that the owners have 3 Labradors which we would probably see around the place *silently screams in excitement*. We only met one of them during our visit (I’m not devastated about this at all, I swear) but we had the pleasure of him poking his head out from under our table during the tasting and enjoying a good old stroke from us.


After our tasting, we decided to make use of the free mountain bikes they provided. I mean, I could think of wiser things to do after consuming 3 glasses of fizz, but hey-ho. The last time my boyfriend got me on a mountain bike I fell off into a puddle of mud, so it was already looking a bit iffy.

Thankfully, any potential casualties were avoided and we had a nice little leisurely cycle around the vineyards.


After this, it was time for what I’d been looking forward to the most. BATH TIME.



Lying back in a mountain of bubbles: The Inbetweeners on the TV, a glass of wine in one hand and Easter egg chocolate in the other… I think it’s safe to say I was living my best life on Sunday evening.

Since we’d had a cooked lunch not too long before, we’d got some nibbles from the shop beforehand to have in the evening with a bottle. Oh, and 2 gigantic Easter eggs.

Now that’s a lovely lil spread.

Ahh, perfect. We had our snacks watching a film on the TV together, all washed down with a bottle of Huia Pinot Gris, a New Zealand brand which was stocked up in our fridge. A lovely, relaxing evening with some quality chill-out time together. Bliss!

It would have been lovely to sit outside with our food and drinks, but, typically British, it was just way too cold. This is where I think a patio heater would be an amazing addition to the terrace, just for that extra bit of warmth!

After a heavenly nights sleep in the amazing, fluffy bed, we were awoken by a knock at the door at 9am, and a picnic basket of breakfast was left outside for us. Cute touch, isn’t it?



Fresh fruit, cereal, yoghurt and orange juice for me (pretending to be healthy after having to stop myself finishing an entire 650g chocolate egg the night before) and toast, eggs and cheese for Jake was ideal.

Considering breakfast is served at 9am, I feel the 10am checkout time is a little early, as it felt like a bit of a rush for us to get showered, ready and tidied up after eating – I think perhaps an extra hour would go a long way!

Unfortunately, English weather had got the better that morning and it was really rainy and horrible, so we couldn’t make the most of our surroundings with another bike ride or walk.

That pretty much rounds up our stay. Gorgeous, isn’t it? And so great that it’s only a stones throw away from other cities like Brighton/Portsmouth and surrounding Sussex areas.

If you liked what you saw in this blog post (how could you not?) then you could have a look at booking your own stay here. As you can see, I honestly highly recommend it – if you’re looking for a relaxing, more unusual break away where you can be at one with nature and just chill out, this is 100% for you.

No, you got a bottle of wine out the fridge just for a photograph.

I hope you all enjoyed this read. Have you been to Tinwood Estate before? What did you think of it? Let me know!

Love, Dayna x

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