How To: 7 Steps To Make Magical Unicorn Bark 🦄

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all fine and dandy.

Today’s blog post is a little different: it’s a recipe! I don’t often post recipes, so it’s a right treat for ya. And, as the title says, it’s a magical recipe. I’m 20 years old, not 5, by the way.

Anyway, I thought I’d write up a lil’ blog post about this deliciousness, because I posted about it on my instagram stories mid-creation and I got loads of questions about what on earth it was/how to make it. Okay, it was 4 questions, not loads. Who do I think I am? Zoella I am not.

Before I carry on, I’d like to point out that this recipe was not conjured up randomly in my head – I saw it on one of those Facebook accounts where they post drool-worthy, 30 second sped-up videos cooking various bits and bobs, but I’ve put a teeny spin on this and made it guilt-free and vegan. Without further ado…



  • A pot of plain, unsweetened soya yoghurt (Alpro is best)
  • A generous handful (and a half) of ripe strawberries
  • 2 handfuls *roughly* of blueberries
  • Half a ripe mango
  • Agave nectar to sweeten (take note honey is not vegan)
  • Optional topping – desiccated coconut flakes


And that is all you need! How to make it?

1– Place the 3 fruits in separate bowls with a splash of water in each. Make sure they’re roughly chopped!

2 – Microwave each bowl of fruit for around 30 seconds (NOT on full heat) until warm and bubbling slightly.

3 – With a fork, mash up each bowl of fruit. Remember you’re still keeping the fruits separate.


4 – Split the pot of yoghurt roughly into 3 portions, pour into each of the bowls of fruit, and mix well!


5 – Add a squeeze of agave nectar into each bowl to sweeten – make sure to taste as this is totally down to personal preference! Mix well.


6 – Get out a deep baking tray and pour the 3 mixtures around the tray, swirling them together with a knife/fork.


7 – Voilà! That is literally it. Chuck the tray into the freezer for about 4 hours, and when it’s frozen, use something like a rolling pin to whack the bark and break it up into pieces or cut into it with a sharp knife.

There you have it: a seriously delicious, guilt-free and picture-perfect snack. Make sure you use unsweetened yoghurt to keep the refined sugars out. With good, ripe fruit you seriously don’t need it!

This recipe makes the perfect replacement for ice-cream when those cravings hit, and, of course, it goes towards your 5 a day. Woop woop.

If you have ice-lolly moulds, I’d really recommend using these instead of a baking tray. I unfortunately don’t, but I can imagine it would make eating the finished product a whole lot easier, cleaner and better for kids!

 Do you like the look of this recipe? If you happen to make it yourself, please show me your creations!

Love, Dayna x

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