My Favourite Bloggers #2

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

I’ts been a whole year since I did my first Favourite Bloggers post, so, as promised, here is number 2. I know you’ve all been dying for it for an entire year.

I’ve been compiling a little list for a while now, and, not gonna lie, it was super hard to choose just 6. Like before, I wanted to keep the number short and sweet so I could write a lil’ token of appreciation for each. In no particular order, let’s gooooo…


Jenny Rose

Jenny Rose Vegan Food Travel and Lifestyle Blog

So, I only recently came across this blog but I had to feature it, as I’ve literally been trawling through all of Jenny’s posts – I’m addicted! Basically, the reason is… well, food. She’s posted some really helpful city guides of where to get good vegan grub, as well as vegan food-shopping hauls (the inner Granny in me is cheering.) Who doesn’t love a bloody good haul?

Favourite blog post: City Guide: Eating Vegan in Canterbury



Not Wed Or Dead

notwedordead   From lost to wanderlust .png

Okay: probably the most inspiring blogger I’ve ever read. Basically, I found out about this lady in a Cosmopolitan Article and since then, I’ve been hooked. Talk about wanderlust! If you love to read about travel, this blog is an absolute gem.

Essentially, Katy was jilted by her ex-fiancé before their wedding, so she decided to pack up everything and buy a one way ticket outta’ here. YAAS, Queen. So, as you can imagine, she has a lot of cool and exciting travel blog posts. Check her out!

Favourite blog post: Food You Must Try in Barbados



It’s Little Lauren

Dear Diary Let s have a catch up The real reason behind my absence in the blogging world Lauren s Looks

Omg, Lauren’s instagram is literally to die for, no joke. If you don’t know, get to know (@itslittlelauren) She takes the gram to the next level, and definitely boasts the most dedicated page I know. If you want to see dreamy, swirly pink baths, the most unreal homemade cakes EVER and tonnes of cute shit, she’s your gal. Oh, and her actual blog is adorable too – her posts are so relatable and easy-reading.

Favourite blog post: My Guide To The Ultimate Summer



Kate Brown

K A T E B R O W N • My life with nofilter

I literally can’t read one of Kate’s blog posts without laughing – everything she puts out there is just so raw, hilarious and honest, and I seriously think she is such a talented writer. All of her posts are super entertaining and engaging, and I’ve basically binge-read every single one multiple times as there aren’t too many of them. More please!

Favourite blog post: Leaving London: Why I Love To Hate This City



Fizzy Peaches

Fizzy Peaches   Brighton Parenting  Lifestyle and Food Blog   A Brighton Lifestyle   Parenting Blog.png

I absolutely love this blog and, as a fellow Brightonian, I always *accidentally* take more interest if my hometown is slightly involved, hehe. It might be a bit weird for someone who is not planning to have children ANY time soon to select a ‘birth story’ as her favourite post *lol* but I just love Lynday’s chilled, honest style of writing, and it’s the perfect blog to just sit back and read with a cuppa, whether relatable or not!

Favourite blog post: Violet’s Birth Story



Kayleigh Couture

Couture Girl A Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

 I particularly enjoy Kayleigh’s hotel reviews, as you can see below – in addition to being honest, they’re usually pretty detailed which is nice when you fancy sitting down with a proper read to get your teeth into. She just seems like a really genuine blogger, and provides me with lots of fashion inspo, so keep doing you, gal.

Favourite blog post: Barcelo Teguise Beach – Lanzarote Hotel Review


That’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading about my current favourite bloggers – they really do provide some crackin’ reads, so I trust I’ve provided you all with some inspo of who to binge-read next!

Love, Dayna x

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