1 Night in: Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

Today’s post is coming a bit late *oops*, but, I figured I might as well still tell you all about my recent, very short trip to the wonderfully wacky place that is Amsterdam.

I went to Amsterdam nearly two years ago now, which you can read about here. But, like the amazing girlfriend I am, I decided to take my boyfriend there for his Christmas present, just for one night on the 28th December. The flight is ridiculously short (bonus), and we arrived early and left late, so I thought… why bloody not! Let’s get stuck in.

Firstly, I’ll talk about the hotel. We stayed in the Radisson Blu, which I would thoroughly recommend. It was perfect, to be honest – I don’t have one bad thing to say about it. It was located in a really central location, the rooms were immaculate and of a decent size and the hotel just had a nice swanky feel to it. Very impressed!


It’s not the cheapest option compared to the mountains of budget hotels and hostels Amsterdam boasts, but I’d say it’s 100% worth it, especially if you’re only going for a quick dip like we did!

The lobby was decorated beautifully festive!

The day we arrived was just a typical day of sightseeing and mooching about. Did you even go to Amsterdam if you don’t get a picture in front of the canals?


The iconic Bulldog coffee shop.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how surreal and bizarre Amsterdam really is. It’s such a crazy feeling walking around there… and that’s not just because of the funny-tasting brownies.


The canals make for such pretty photos, too. It’s such a shame because, typically, both times I’ve visited Amsterdam, it’s rained! The picture above makes it look lovely, crisp and bright, but in reality we spent most of the time huddling under our hoods from the rain.


I don’t think Amsterdam is particularly renowned for its gourmet cuisine, but maaannn is it GOOD. There is literally the most delicious fast food everywhere you look: chips, pizza, burgers, pancakes… you name it. If you’re on a health-kick, I’d advise to stay away. Luckily, I went PRE new year/new me fad, so I consumed about 20 thousand calories in my short stay there.


Sorry, but you can’t exactly stare into a counter filled with waffles, muffins and donuts and not buy anything, can you?

Nutella wins EVERY TIME.


After a dreamy hot bubble bath, we went out to have a few drinks near the Red Light District, where there’s loads of cool drinking spots.


Every street was still lit-up and very Christmassy! Amsterdam is just so picturesque, I love it.


The bar in our hotel, the Pastorie Bar, was so unique – I’m really annoyed I didn’t get a picture of it! The hotel lobby was very swish with a modern, luxe feel, however the bar resembled a very old, historical pub which was built into the side of the wall! Apparently it used to be an old church, and I can definitely see that. It was such a great and quirky contrast.

Good night, Amsterdam!


We also had breakfast delivered to our room in the morning – a welcome treat! There was loads of choice, too: omelette, OJ, hot chocolate, fruit salad, cheese and croissants were all thrown into the mix. Probably my daily calorie allowance in one meal, but we’ll let that slide.

The next day we re-visited a museum we had been to on our previous visit – Body Worlds. Tickets are a little on the pricier side at nearly 20 euros each, but it’s totally worth it if you haven’t been before. Basically, its an exhibition using 100% real bodies/parts/organs etc – it sounds disgusting, but it’s really not once you’re in there. It’s the most fascinating museum I’ve ever been to to be honest, and kept me interested the entire time.


We ended the day with some food at a lovely restaurant, again which we’d visited before, called CAU AmsterdamBit weird of a veggie to refer to a steakhouse as ‘lovely’, but they have tonnes of enticing options for me, and with a carnivorous boyfriend, girls gotta negotiate.

So, as you can see, it was a very short but sweet visit to Amsterdam! There’s still so many things I haven’t done there, so a 3rd visit is definitely on the cards in the future.

Have you been to Amsterdam? What did you think of it?

Love, Dayna x

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