Review: Tasting Menu At The Set, Brighton

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing fan-bloody-tastically and had lovely, relaxing Christmases and New Years.

I recently visited a popular Brighton restaurant, The Set, and was keen to blog about my experience there.

The Set is quite a quirky restaurant, to say the least – it’s mini at 20 seats, and almost feels like a house rather than a restaurant. Nonetheless, I loved my experience and it’s left me wanting to return!

Offering a British themed tasting menu, I was excited to sample as I’d never tried a ‘tasting menu’ before. Although the pictures of the food may not all resemble an appetising dish (flowers and pebbles, I’m looking at you) I can hand on heart say I really, really enjoyed everything I ate.

Before I get started: one negative comment to get out the way, I’m afraid. I love the fact that you can see into the kitchen and watch everyone cooking, but I didn’t love the fact that they had a poor pigs head on full view, in a pot on the counter.

I mean… I’m vegetarian so obviously I’m biased, but I can’t help thinking this spectacle would be slightly off-putting to meat-eaters alike, no? It was a particularly unpleasant beginning to the meal, I have to admit.

Despite the start, I was relieved they were offering an animal-free menu and was eager to get stuck in. Let me show you what I had!

To start off, we all ordered an aperitif.

The Basil Smash

Any cocktail with gin is a winner in my eyes. These were gorgeous – I absolutely love the refreshing taste of basil in any drink; it almost convinces you that the alcoholic bev you’re drinking might just be good for you.


With their menu options, you simply choose number one, two or three. I chose two, which you can see above, as it had all the veggie options.

So, the first course was ‘snacks.’ Slightly vague.

They started us off with this delicious Rosemary Bread and Onion Butter.


You can’t go wrong, can you? What even is a meal without bread and butter to start, especially if it tastes this good? I could have eaten bucket-loads of it.


The second, very unusual snack was this beautiful pink petal stuffed with goats curd. This ‘snack’ isn’t really your bog-standard bag of Hula-Hoops, is it?

After being reminded that the pebbles weren’t edible (I knew that already, I promise) I was a bit apprehensive to eat this, as I absolutely despise goats cheese. Click here if you want to read about my goats cheese nightmare in Budapest.

Like the trooper I am, I tried a little bit, then realised that actually, goats curd tastes nothing like goats cheese, praise the heavens. It just resembled a really tasty, salty cream cheese. I loved this in contrast with the crunch of the petal!


Next up was ‘Parsnip Four Ways.‘ Sounds invigorating, I know. But, who knew parsnips could look so presentable?

I realised at this restaurant that they make the most basic, simple sounding things absolutely delicious and exciting. I don’t even like parsnips, but this teeny dish tasted nothing but amazing.


Our last snack were these YUMMY crispy pastries with sour cream and guacamole. Right up my street! I love anything with avocado in, so I was excited to stuff these down, and they did not disappoint.

My first course was ‘Carrot and Celeriac’. This came with roasted carrots in carrot butter and carrot crisps.


Well, if you like carrots, this is your guy. I don’t even know how to explain this meal, other than it tasted like an amazingly delicious, warm, garlicky, wintery soup dish. Yes, I know I should be a food critic.

Delicious, flavoursome; no negative comments whatsoever. I’d happily go back just to eat this.

Next up was ‘Potato, Truffle and Egg.’


A gorgeous, warming dish of soft potato chunks, a slow-cooked, coddled egg and shavings of truffle, with a crispy filo pastry filled with similar flavours on the side. Yum, yum and just yum. It sort of reminded me of a leek & potato soup, but ramped up x1000 in exciting-ness and luxury.


Still going! Next was the Mushroom, Chestnut and Corra Linn.


Who actually knows what ‘corra linn’ is? Certainly not me. But, whatever it is, it tasted gooood.

This dish reminded me of a crispy, warming, mushroom ‘pie’ of sorts. I adore mushrooms in any way, any form (especially magic mushrooms. Joking, sorry Mum) so this course was a winner winner chicken dinner. Well, winner winner… veggie dinner.


You can see nearer the back that this course came with a side of Savoy Cabbage. Absolutely delicious, crunchy and flavoursome, but unfortunately, it was way too heavily salted for my taste. Probably my only criticism of the food, to be honest, but I still chowed through it because, lets be honest, salty food equals yum.

Next up was a little palette cleanser which was greatly appreciated! This was a Lime Meringue Sorbet with Sorrel Granita.


After guzzling enough wine to supply the whole of Brighton and alllll the food, this refreshing course was needed!

I swapped my dessert for the Chocolate, Caramel and Buttermilk, as I didn’t fancy a pudding with goats milk *vomits*

Any dessert with chocolate is a big yes from me – just look at the beauty.


Not much to say, apart from very GOOD. If you like an indulgent dessert, go for this. The crumbly chocolate paired with the almost mousse-like consistency along with the crunchy white chocolate on top was to die for. Safe to say, after this, I was stuffed.

But, we didn’t fancy stopping there. We walked through to their cocktail bar, appropriately named The Cocktail Shack.

I loved the decor in there. It was quirky, fun, and vibrant.


I liked how there were only a select few cocktails on the menu – it makes you step out your sheltered cocktail-comfort zone and try some new flavours. Goodbye, Sex on The Beach.

My absolute favourite was the Peaches Goldof.


Prosecco, peach, and gold… what more could a girl ask for in life?

P.S – the cocktails happened to be 2 for 1, which is just a stunning offer, really. 2 for 1 all round.

After realising we’d spent nigh-on 8 hours in the same establishment, I decided it was time to leave as I had to wake up at 5am the next day to go to Paris. Lets just say, my early-morning Eurostar journey wasn’t too fun. At all.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my tasting-menu experience at The Set! I’d really like to return soon, as their menu changes every season I believe.

Have you ever been to The Set? What did you think of it?

Love, Dayna x

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