2 Nights in: Paris 🇫🇷

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well.

I’ve recently got back from a weekend in Paris, so, of course, a blog post is here to tell you all about my travels!

A fairly spontaneous trip, my friend Rosie and I decided to visit the city for a couple of nights. We’d both been before, but I visited when I was about 6 or 7, so as you can imagine, I barely remember it.

Without further ado, let me show you what we got up to!

So, we embarked on our journey Friday morning with a simply delightful 5am start – I mean, this was just ideal the day after my work do, where I consumed enough cocktails and wine to supply the whole of Brighton until Christmas.

The previous nights weapon.

Worth it, but, as you can imagine, I hopped on the Eurostar feeling slightly worse for wear, drowning myself in Ribena and praying to God that I wouldn’t have been allocated a backwards seat. Anyone else can’t stand train journeys sitting backwards? They make me feel sick, especially with a bottle of wine still bobbing about in my stomach.

Thankfully, my seat was forwards-facing *phew* and the next 2 hours were spent trying to sleep off the nausea. Check!

On arrival into Pari, we hopped on the metro to our Air BnB – if you know me, you’ll know I’m seriously not a fan of the underground. The journey was spent with my face practically wedged into the armpit of a big hairy bloke who, to put it lightly, reeked like he’d just smoked 100 cigarettes. It was unpleasant to say the least, but I would still recommend the metro (really?!) as it’s super, super cheap and the quickest way to get about in the huge city.

We loved our Air BnB; I’m a big fan of the whole concept in general and am starting to favour it way more than traditional hotels. It was tiny, but Paris is notorious for tiny rooms, and it had everything we needed: a good location, a comfy bed and a working shower. Oh, and good selfie lighting.

We actually arrived a little early when the cleaner was still there (lol) so had to manoeuvre around a Henry hoover and a mop to dump our bags. But, all was good – we were starving so popped down the road for some well needed calories and supermarket essentials.

We’d noticed there was a Sephora store right next to us, so OBVIOUSLY we were straight in there. England, why oh why do you not have a Sephora yet? If you don’t know what Sephora is, it’s a giant makeup store, so as you can imagine, we spent quite a while browsing there.


Since our apartment was quite near the Eiffel Tower, we decided a trip to the iconic building was in order.


I have to admit, it’s quite confusing and unclear where on earth you buy your tickets, and where you actually walk in, but eventually we did and we walked to the top, legs-a-burning.


I’m a little nervous of heights, so every time I do something like this I always think ‘why are you doing this to yourself?!’ But, it’s just something you have to do in Paris. We had the best view of the city as it was getting darker, and mid-way up they had a cute souvenir shop as well as a restaurant and lots of Christmas decorations.


We didn’t fancy blowing our entire weekend budget on 1 bottle of water, so we didn’t pay a visit to the restaurant there. But, I’d love to one day!

We began to feel freezing cold and I genuinely worried my big toe might surrender and fall off my foot, but it was oh so worth it.


It was a little rainy on our first day *cry* so we sheltered ourselves in a little marquee where they were selling crepes and drinks. You can’t go to France and not have a crepe, can you?

On the way home we stopped for dinner in an Italian restaurant called Firmine. It was nothing spectacular – just your standard pizza and pasta, but it was just what we wanted, and what we ate was delicious! If you find yourself hangry near the Eiffel, I’d recommend a pizza stop here.


During the walk to the restaurant, the Eiffel tower was lit up in sparkling lights; it really was striking to look at in the background! I loved it.



That evening, we fancied a few bevs. Experimental Cocktail Club had been recommended to us by a few people, but unfortunately when we went, it was literally packed and we could barely move, so we decided to go elsewhere. Maybe next time!

We ended up in a lovely Italian wine bar, Vino e Cucina – it had a great wine selection and the food also looked scrum.


As you can imagine, we were knackered after an early start and a whopping 20k steps, so we headed back to get a nice good slumber. Praise the Lord, the bed was a dream, so we slept beautifully until 10am, when the bells from the nearby Church woke us up chiming to oblivion. Lovely.

One place I really wanted to try in Paris was Laduréeobvs not just for the gram. A very, very luxurious and sophisticated bakery/tea-shop, be prepared to blow a lil bit of dolla. Actually, a lot of dolla.



All I can say is, they do a good choccy croissant.

Afterwards, we headed to the Champs-Élysées for a spot of window shopping. Honestly, this was such a cool, wide road; it literally had every shop from high street to designer, and felt so open and versatile.

Farewell, bank-ruiner.



We noticed a few people renting cars in the street – no, not ya bog standard Fiat 500’s, but mighty Ferraris and Lambo’s, instead – I just knew if I was with my boyfriend he would have shot into one of those cars in a heartbeat and roared off down the road within 5 seconds, but we didn’t fancy ending our lives crashing an £100k car in Paris, so we let them slide.

At the end of the Champs-Élysées stands the gorgeous Arc de Triomphe in all its glory – I’m a sucker for breathtaking architecture, and this really was an amazing spectacle.



On the complete opposite end of the Champs-Élysées is The Louvre – the museum where Mona Lisa lives. We went there after a strange walk along the River Seine where a rather confused Japanese lady grabbed me forcefully with a wild grin and insisted I not take a photo of her, but with her. I don’t know if she mistook me for someone famous, but she seemed bloody excited to see me.

The only 1 decent photo of approx. 2467 photos we got a poor tourist to take.

We ended the day with a trip on The Big Wheel at Place de la Concorde – again, not entirely sure why I agreed to this as I spent the whole time convinced our pod would fall and crash to the floor, but I’m glad I did as the view was unbeatable.

This view represented a typical Parisian postcard!


I was low-key shitting my pants the entire time, but the view was so worth it!

There was a pub nearby our apartment named Charlie Birdy,  so we started our second evening there for a few drinks, then spent the rest of the night desperately trying to find a rooftop bar (they are my thing.) Stupidly, I thought I found one in a nearby hotel; turns out I’d got the wrong one, so we walked around for ages trying to find a suitable spot for A) good drinks and B) some nibbles.

After walking into a creperie hopeful for a nutella fix, we made a swift exit after eyeing up the price list and ended up back at the good old pub by our apartment. Although, a rapid departure was in order after 1 Gin Fizz, as a rather old French man had taken a fancy to us and was poking his head *literally* in our faces to chat. I’m sure he was just being friendly, but… nah.

We actually had an early start again, and following a manic, sweaty, stressful sprint through the Metro to our Eurostar train, we were delayed by 2 hours. Brill! They suspected someone ‘suspicious’ on the platform – not scary at all. Although, it’s much better to be safe than sorry!

So, that rounds up my short but sweet trip to the French capital! I genuinely really enjoyed the city and would definitely go back in a warmer season, but I wouldn’t say it truly knocked my socks off like a lot of other people say. Have you ever been to Paris? Would you return?

I really hope you all enjoyed the read. Speak soon!

Love, Dayna x

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