Unboxing The Birchbox – December 2017

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Today’s blog post is, you guessed it, showing the contents of what was in my Birchbox this December!

Firstly – can we just appreciate how bloody beautiful the box is this month?! It’s shiny, deep red, and floral – what more could you want with a Christmassy edition?

This month Birchbox collaborated with designer Matthew Williamson, and I couldn’t have been happier with what I received. Let’s get stuck in!


Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo

I was relieved to see this product in the box this month, and not just because I was fast running out of my usual TRESemmé, I swear.


This shampoo appears to be sent from heaven, to be honest – it claims to take your locks ‘back to basics’ by ‘detoxifying’ and ‘purifying’ it. Apologies for all the inverted commas; I’m not accusing dear Kebelo of lying here – they’re just quite big claims to make, especially to someone like me with hair as brittle as bloody bones which could do with a serious detoxification after years of bleach abuse.

The first thing I noticed was that the shampoo’s scent wasn’t all that, which was a shame because I love to don hair that reeks like a fruit basket, but it’s not a huge deal, especially if it’s going to really clean my mane. Has anyone used this before and found it truly is a miracle worker?


Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser – 

Again, praise the Lord that they included this product as my usual pot of Nivea is nearing the end.


But, honestly, I love Nip n Fab skincare so was very pleased to see this. I adore this moisturiser already – the product itself is so light, sinks into the skin with such ease and leaves a healthy glow behind. There’s nothing worse than a moisturiser that sits on your skin like a wet sheet after application (gross) and this certainly isn’t one of those!

Plus, this smells lovely and refreshing – it has kale, aloe vera, almond oil and all that vegan, green goodness in it, so of course it’s gonna smell like a salad of sorts. The only problem I have with this is that the sample size is a liiiiittle weeny, but I can deal with that. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this in full-size!


The Ritual of Ayurveda Foaming Shower Gel

What a dream this shower gel is – it smells amazing, just like when you walk into a salon where they use all the lovely scented massage oils.


Again, this product is based on almond oil (this stuff is clearly the shit) and Indian rose. Basically, if you wanna push the boat out with your shower gel, this is your guy. It comes out as a gel and lathers up into a silky, moisturising foam, and I LAV it. Get your hands on some!


Spectrum Marbleous Black B04 Brush – 

I swear Birchbox read my mind this month – I’ve been on the hunt recently for some new eyeshadow brushes and this just ticked that box!


I love Spectrum Collection brushes – they’re cruelty-free, such good quality and pretty affordable compared to some other brushes on the makeup market.

This brush is super-soft, great for blending, and just what I was looking for: ideal!


LOC Vibrant Matte Lipstick in ‘Colour Me Confident

This month, Birchbox gave us subscribers a choice of a couple lip products, and I chose this bad boy.


I have to say, I am a big fan of  a staple red lip sometimes, but find that the red lipsticks I currently own are quite drying *vom*. Nothing worse than withered, flaking lips with bits of red on ya teeth. Anyway…

As promised, this smooth formula really is super buttery and glides onto the lips so well. I’m a big fan of this – thumbs up to LOC!


Oh so shiiiiiiiiny!

So, there we have the items inside the December Birchbox this month! I really loved this box and was super impressed with the contents; I hope you enjoyed reading all about it!

Love, Dayna x

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