What I Eat In A Day #1

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well.

I’ve decided to start a new blog series – What I Eat In A Day. It’s a very popular YouTube video/blog post, and I’m a big foodie, so I thought… why not?

I spent the weekend eating absolute CRAP; yes, I’m looking at you, greasy Chinese buffet, and the most revolting Toby Carvery breakfast.

So, much required, yesterday turned out to be a necessary healthy day.

If you’re into the beautiful thing that is grub, looking for some vegetarian/vegan inspo or simply just nosy (most probably the latter) then keep reading!


Breakfast –

So, brekky was one of those ultra-depressing days where you look into the cupboard hoping for Coco Pops and Crunchy Nut and all that sits there is a sad box of Weetabix.

So, I made do with what we had, whilst crying into my bowl.


All jokes aside, it really wasn’t that bad. I had 2 weetabix with my usual almond milk (if you’re looking for a dairy-free alternative to cows milk, I would highly recommend almond or oat milk!)

I topped it with some flaxseed, a cheeky teaspoon of sugar to sweeten things up and this pretty muesli mix (who knew muesli could be attractive?) My Mum told me the pink bits in the muesli were actually beetroot, which I usually can’t stand, but you couldn’t taste it here. Oh, and obvs a banana, which I hope you’d worked out. Gotta get some of my 5 a day in.

I ate my breakfast with a big pint glass of water, which I try to do every morning!



Lunch –

I made my lunch the night before, as I like to be prepped in the morning and I try to make sure I have a cooked lunch at work. I just don’t feel very satisfied eating a sandwich and crisps if I’m hank marvin’ by lunchtime – cooked food always fills me up much more and it’s healthier than buying a meal deal from Tesco!


I used wholewheat spelt pasta in vegan pesto – you can get this in pretty much every supermarket in the ‘free from’ aisle. It’s made with cashews and tofu instead of Parmesan, and I personally actually prefer it to normal pesto!

In this big pot of greeness is: the pasta, mashed avocado, cucumber, peas and basil on a bed of spinach which you cannot see, topped with chia seeds and black pepper. Yammo.

I was literally stuffed after this as it was a pretty big portion, but trust me I can put it away. By lunch time I usually feel like I’ve been on a 24 hour fast.


Snacks – 

Despite being full from lunch, I am ALWAYS craving something sweet after savoury food and on a daily basis have to talk myself out of walking to the shop and buying a Kinder Bueno.

Yesterday I tried to be good, and bought one of these delishhh Alpro yoghurts.


These are made with soya milk rather than cows, so they’re 100% vegan, high in protein and all that jazz. They’re really thick and yummy, and I’d really recommend this Strawberry and Raspberry one over the Passion Fruit flavour as that one can be a bit… bitty. You get my gist.


Dinner –

Dinner was one of those ‘chuck it all in a pan and see what happens’ jobbies, not gonna lie, but it turned out really bloody GOOD.

I decided to make some sort of sausage stew/casserole, using up some veggies from the fridge.

I’m going to leave a rough recipe below so you can copy my dinner if you like (trust me, it is delicious and I’d recommend it to veggies/vegans and meat eaters alike!)

Ingredients I used:

  • Quorn garlic and parsley sausages (I usually use Linda McCartney sausages – if you use these too, this recipe is completely vegan.)
  • Tin of kidney beans
  • Chopped salad potatoes
  • Chopped green beans
  • Spinach
  • Tin of plum tomatoes
  • Gravy (made up of Bisto granules, a vegetable stock cube and a pinch of chilli powder)
  • 1 red onion
  • Nutritional Yeast Flakes (these contain Vitamin B12, a necessity for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike! I buy mine from Holland & Barrett)
  • Lots of basil (or any preferred herb of your choice)

The method is pretty simple – I just baked the potatoes, onions and sausages in a drizzle of olive oil (all chopped up) until lightly golden, then threw all the ingredients into a dish like shown. Stir until the sauce (gravy and tomatoes) is mixed up, and then just cook in the oven until nice and bubbly.

Perfect warming winter dish!



This was absolutely scrummy, and I can’t believe I’ve never thought to make it before! It’s a great way to get rid of any fresh veggies in the fridge that need using – I think it would be perfect with mushrooms or courgette.


So, there is what I ate yesterday! Unusually I didn’t have too many snacks or naughty treats, which is unlike me, but I’ve noticed since working full-time I generally don’t eat as much – probably because I’m not bored sitting around raiding the cupboards at home!

Let me know what you thought of this post as I’m interested to hear some comments. Speak soon!

Love, Dayna x


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