Disappointing Beauty Products #2

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all feeling fabulouuusss.

Today’s post is one which I think is very necessary in the world of beauty blogs – it’s going to be all about products I have frankly found disappointing.

Within the depths of raving reviews of all the makeup and skincare out there, it’s actually quite refreshing to sometimes see a more negative thought on something rather than everything being ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’.

I personally really enjoy reading these posts, so I thought I’d update you all with a second one! If you want to read my first one, click here.

*This post is not to say that I dislike the specific brands, or that the products won’t work for you – this is just my personal experience!


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – £16

I’m actually quite gutted to be including this product because I so badly wanted to love it as much as everyone else does.


Tonnes of people recommended it to me, and reading the reviews online confirmed that it really might be a miracle product, promising to get rid of your spots practically overnight.

I thought I’d FINALLY found a cure to the multitude of zits I constantly have popping up on my chin and was bloody buzzing driving home after purchasing this. I wouldn’t normally spend that much on one product, but I felt it would be worth it!

Anyway, I dipped a cotton bud in, dabbed it all over my spots and was excited to wake up with them gone, or hopefully significantly reduced. Basically… it did nothing. Like, genuinely nothing. My Mum had also used it and got zero results.

I was told to keep using it, and 2 months on I still use it on my spots most nights but frankly, it has done jack shite for me.

I don’t know if I’ve just got weird, uncooperative skin, or if perhaps my specific bottle is faulty (if that’s even a thing) but yeah, I’m not a fan of this product at all and I’m so disappointed with it! (Just in case you couldn’t tell.) Not only does it not work but it leaves a horrible, hard, cracked residue on my face which genuinely hurts to scrub off in the morning.


Barry M Setting Spray Mist & Fix in ‘Dewy Finish’ – £4.99

I picked this product up on a whim in Superdrug – I’d run out of my beloved Urban Decay All Nighter but didn’t want to fork out for its considerable £23.50 price tag, so I thought I’d try something new.


Mistake: essentially, it doesn’t do anything. I get very oily around the crevices (eurgh, what a vile word) of my nose and chin, especially with a full-face of makeup, so a good setting spray is an essential to me before a night out. This stuff just didn’t work – end of. My face looks cakey and visibly patchy when I use this spray.

My makeup looked horrendous one too many times relying on this product after a night downing jägerbombs in Pryzm and stuffing my face with chips from ‘Cheeky Chicken’ – although, really, what do I expect…?

Maybe it’s because I picked up the dewy finish; perhaps the matte finish would have done the trick, and despite it’s very attractive price tag, I probably won’t be purchasing again! Sorry, Barry M, but this just didn’t do it for me.


Benefit Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer – £24.50

Two things: firstly, thank God it wasn’t me who purchased this and secondly, thank God it’s only a test-size product.


One of my best friends lent me this product whilst we were on holiday in Kavos, as my foundation was looking alarmingly pale against my tanned skin. Not a good look. Anyway, as I went to give it back, she told me I could keep it… now I know why. Cheers babes!

The consistency of this product, I really dislike; it’s silky, but like, too much. You get me? It feels slippery on the skin and doesn’t blend out well at all.

Originally I was using it to mix with my normal foundation to make a darker shade (which, admittedly, is not what it’s for) and I had to use it very sparingly otherwise it would make my makeup blotchy and very patchy.

I’ve tried to use it since but just really don’t like the way it feels on my skin. Luckily my friend didn’t have the full-size product as that would be a hefty price gone down the pan!


Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water – £4.99

I picked this product up in Superdrug about a month ago and have been using it every night to take my makeup off – I just fancied a change from my firm Garnier favourite. I mean… it’s not bad and I’m not advising you to never try it, I just don’t like it as much as my usual and dislike how it feels on my skin.


It doesn’t make my face feel as fresh and clean as I’d like, especially after being a cake-face for the night.

It has a strange squeaky consistency on my face, and almost feels quite soapy rather than watery. I also feel like I need to use quite a lot of product to really get the grime off my skin.

Like I said, it’s not an awful cleanser, I just prefer other micellar waters way more (the original Simple micellar water is actually pretty nice – this specific one, however, not so much!) There’s definitely alternatives which are 10x better and also cheaper.


Maybelline Dream Touch Blusher – £6.49

Firstly – the product in the link definitely isn’t the exact same as mine, but I really struggled to find it elsewhere. I think it’s been discontinued, as I did buy it quite a while ago!


Generally speaking, I really hate how blusher looks on my skin. With my tone, it tends to make me resemble a little pink piglet, so I tend to shy away from it. If you read my Current Makeup Favourites post a while back, you’ll see that I was really loving a Revolution blusher – the colour was very subtle and thin, and it’s pretty much the only blush I’ve ever got along with.

But, when it comes to creams… nah. Powders are definitely my thing. The colour of this is really sickly and the cream is just oily and gross. Yes, I’m a literary genius.

It does nothing for my tone and just makes my skin look and feel cakey! No wonder it’s been discontinued…

So, that seems to round up my blog post of let-down beauty products. If you’ve had similar experiences, or even totally opposite, let me know – I love to chat!



Love, Dayna x

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