We Need To Be More Careful

Hey everyone – I hope you’re all doing fabulously.

Today’s post is very different to my usual style – I don’t want to discuss anything too dull or depressing, but I think it’s something very important to talk about!

As we all unfortunately know, it seems the world is becoming more and more dangerous every single day. Yes, it does sound crazy, but terrorism, violent attacks of hate and death are… well, not surprising anymore. You turn on your TV to another problem and instead of gasping in horror, you shrug. It hurts me to type that out, but it’s the truth.

Sometimes I’m extremely cautious to venture out into certain places (especially London.) I remember feeling pretty worried about going to Wildlife Festival back in June. Thankfully, nothing dangerous occurred over that weekend, but I knew my friends and I were feeling a bit anxious to be there.


‘Stay vigilant’ everyone says. But, at the end of the day, if something goes tits-up, there is nothing anyone can do about it in that moment in time. Pardon my French.

You’d think during this time, the security getting into big, busy events such as festivals would be on top form – checking through peoples bags and pockets should be a given, surely? Apparently not.

I don’t know about you, but if you read my Festival Essentials blog post, you’ll know my pure love for bumbags. Yes, they’re not the prettiest of attire (unless they’re doused in glitter) but they make for a bloody good hands-free experience, which is exactly what you want at a festival.

Clearly they’re not ginormous, but you can squeeze your fair share of crap into them. Yep, you’ll definitely need 3 shades of lipstick for a 1-day shindig. Obvs.

Half ugly, half incred.

There’s been many a times when I’ve snuck actual glass bottles of alcohol in to festivals, which blatantly you’re not allowed to do, end of.

The security each time either haven’t looked properly or simply haven’t cared. I mean… I was glad I didn’t have to fork out for the extortionate festival drink prices, but admittedly, there was a part of me very slightly dismayed that they hadn’t cared about bringing contraband in.

Of course, at the end of the day, a cheapskate teenage girl bringing rough Tesco vodka to a festival isn’t going to do too much harm. But… that’s not the point. They simply didn’t care. And I know this.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying all organisers/security/doormen don’t care about danger, because of course they do! It’s their job. However, in my experience, I seem to have come across a few who unfortunately don’t.

This year at Wildlife Festival I was actually very shocked when I went through the ticket check/ so-called security system. I automatically unzipped my bumbag, expecting it to be sifted through a bit. They even had armed police standing outside, making it all seem very serious, but also safe.


When I got to the front, I was simply pointed through. I actually questioned ‘aren’t you going to check my bag?’ to the security guard, who appeared to not give 2 flying fucks about me walking through with 0 checks or questions.

I couldn’t quite believe that his reply was ‘I can’t be bothered.’

Wooow… now this just wasn’t cool. I don’t care how ‘non-suspicious’ or innocent I might look covered in pink gems and fairy dust – each and every bag, pocket or what not should surely be checked before going into such a huge event absolutely teeming with people.

I mumbled a comment about his terrible attitude before running off into the wonderland that is Wildlife Festival and had an absolutely brilliant day, however I couldn’t help thinking that it just might have been different if no bags had been checked whatsoever.

It gets worse. Just this weekend gone I attended Brighton Pride Festival. Again, I was expecting bag searches to be very strict this year. I was wrong!

IMG_0804 (1)


As I went to walk through and opened my bag for searching, the security guard said to me ‘We’re only checking big bags, not small.’ Is it just me, or is this a ridiculous thing to say?

Regardless of whether someone is bringing in a purse, a rucksack or a bloody suitcase, HAVE A LOOK. Yes, my bag was small, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t fit something dangerous in there.

Even before pride, I felt secure in the fact that there were big ‘ALL BAGS WILL BE CHECKED’ signs. However, after this, I didn’t feel particularly safe which I just think is plain wrong. Festivals are claiming to be upping their security, but so far, I’m really not seeing it. I hope it changes.

This isn’t just aimed at festivals. Acts of terror seem to be occurring in the most unlikely of places: concerts, nightclubs and more. I know it may sound silly, but I really do believe that companies/institutions need to be more aware of what unfortunately could go very, very bad. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been checked going into a club or a gig.

The whole point of this post, you might wonder?

It’s very sad but, in this day and age, we simply cannot afford to be careless in the slightes. We need to be more careful and take every precaution before more lives are lost, more hearts are broken and more families are shattered.

*This is not to say I am disputing the hard work that anyone does (i.e. security guards/police/festival organisers.)  I am just talking about my own personal experiences.

Not to darken the tone – I just felt the need to rant about my experiences!

I’ll chat to you all soon.

Love, Dayna x





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