Review: The Naughty Avocado, London 🥑 

Hello everyone – I hope you’re all doing great.

Today’s post is one that may make you drool – it’s all about a new cafe, based on those beautiful, lovely, stunning things that are AVOCADOS. Yep, a whole cafe dedicated to avocado, suitably named The Naughty Avocado. It’s a genuine dream come true.

My Mum and I visited yesterday – if you’d like to know what we thought, keep reading!


If you’re an avo lover like me, you’ll be embracing and drooling right now. If you’re not… find a bin, por favor. Or, keep reading, and hopefully I’ll convert you.

This place is literally the definition of healthy fast food (yes, it does exist. Goodbye shitty McDonalds, hello guac on toast.) Sorry Maccas, your chips are divine, admittedly,  but you make me feel like a turd. Cya.


As you can see, this place clearly isn’t a luxury, fine-dining set up (although the incredible quality and flavour of the food suggests otherwise.) The cafe is on a very small premises inside Old Street Station, however I can totally see the popularity of this business soaring and taking over far bigger plots. It really reminds me of the healthy food chain, Leon, actually.


It’s a shame the premises is so weeny, because a few more tables and chairs would do customers well.

After gawping and drooling at their Facebook page for weeks, I was so bloody excited to go and gorge on all the green goodness. I really liked how the menu was so simple; there were a fair few options, but not a ridiculous overload.


As you can see, not too complex. Very avocadoey (funnily enough) with toasts, salad boxes and nachos. Simple.

You might think £5-£6 is a bit steep for avo on toast, but I’d totally disagree as the quality and freshness of the food is so amazing, you’d think you were brunching in a super fancy, upmarket establishment.


We absolutely had to go for the Inside Out Nachos, because, well… nachos. Obviously.

I’d been craving nachos for ages because, lets be honest, they are God’s gift to the world, and the ones on offer here looked unreal.

naughty avo

Even though I am a massive fan of the typical nachos laden with sour cream and cheddar, these were a very welcome change. They tasted far lighter, fresher and healthier than what I’m used to, and I didn’t feel rubbish and bloated after scoffing them.

As you can see, they were topped with tonnes of fresh guacamole, tomato salsa, feta cheese and coriander. Ohhh yaaaaass. I honestly don’t have any bad comments whatsoever – they went down a treat and I’d happily hoover up another portion right this second.

We also shared Sun Dried Tomatoes, Bocconcini, Basil, Crispy Shallots & Truffle on Sourdough Toast. (And smashed avocado, duhhhh.) Blimey, that was a right mouthful.


Wooooow, I want to eat this again 100 times over. 1 million times over. There really is nothing else to say other than it was DEEEE-LICIOUS.

If you’re looking for something filling, definitely order this. It had the perfect balance of all the ingredients and really did pack in an immense amount of flavour. I was quite emotional when we finished eating this, deary me.

I was also informed that the coffee they serve is absolutely superb, although unfortunately I am not a lover of the stuff. If you’re one of those weirdos who thinks coffee tastes pleasant, you’re in for a treat. Knock yaself out!


As you can tell, I was hugely impressed with the amazing quality of food here.  I can really see this business booming and expanding; it’s a great, simple, healthy concept and I love it. Let’s just hope and pray that they open a Naughty Avocado in Brighton, so I can get my fix as often as I please.


I hope you all enjoyed this post about a fabulous new business. If you ever find yourself near Old Street station in London, scoot your boot downstairs and stuff your face with toast and nachos. You won’t regret it!

Love, Dayna x

*Our meal was very kindly complimentary in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are 100% my own.

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