7 Nights in: Kavos🍹 

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing fabulously.

Today’s post is one I’ve been looking forward to writing for absolutely ages, because, well, it’s gonna be bloody hilarious. As you can see from the title, I’ve paid a visit recently to the wildly sophisticated, classy Kavos, in Corfu, Greece.

If you liked my blog posts about Zante and Benicassim, you’ll love this. Let’s get stuck in!

After a rather turbulence-filled flight (which is absolutely NOT desirable if you have a fear of flying like me) I was desperate to get off the plane and flop into the pool ASAP.


We breezed through passport control, grabbed our bags and hopped onto our coach, google maps telling us that the resort of Kavos was a meagre 50 minute journey. Now this we could just about deal with.

However, rather delightfully, our journey turned out to be approximately 2 hours, with a serious lack of air-con. We couldn’t jump off that coach quick enough once we arrived at our apartments, you know, after spending the entire journey listening to a group of ten 16 year old girls excitedly shrieking out High School Musical classics.

Since there were 6 of us girls, it made sense to split up into 2 rooms of 3 single beds, of course. Me and 2 of the girls departed to our room to unpack after being given keys from the owner, and were pretty pleased with the ample size of it; after all, it was a budget holiday, so we weren’t expecting luxury.

IMG_0056 2
Hot dogs or legs? One will never know.

Fast forward to 5 minutes later, and suddenly our room has been invaded by the other 3 girls, demanding to see our bedroom. I mean, it wasn’t the height of comfort and elegance, but they were acting as if our room resembled Buckingham Palace.

Soon we discovered why: they’d clearly pulled the short straw and had in fact been given a room with just two single beds, squeezed into what resembled a puny garden shed. Lol, unlucky gals.

After going back to the owner to discuss the obvious issue we had, he then proceeded to tell us he in fact wasn’t the owner (strange?) and that he couldn’t sort it.

I mean, super helpful. Thankfully there were reps on hand to aid us and the girls got moved to a bedroom about 1 inch wider with a crappy, mouldy camp bed stuffed into the corner. All I can say is… thank God I wasn’t involved.

After the catastrophe was sorted, we were ready to get out on that strip. Obviously we were expecting tackiness and a lot of drunked-ness, and it’s exactly what we were so eager to get. During the day-time, I have to admit, the strip looked pretty horrendous.


However… come 10pm; it’s alive, booming, bright and worryingly cheap.

Of course, our first night was spent making the most of the 5 euro deals, which includes: 2 cocktails, 2 shots and a balloon. Bloody hell, UK, you’re just doing it wrong.

However, not all clouds have a silver lining: this indulgence was rather hard to enjoy without paying for it the next day.

After dragging ourselves out of bed around 11am and going to get some breakfast, I was feeling queasier by the minute and the aftertaste of one too many ‘Woo Woo’s’ was still firmly planted in my mouth.

The cafe we chose decided it would be a good day to take around an hour and a half to serve up, so in the end I had no choice but to crawl back to the hotel, dose up on anti-nausea tablets and perish around the pool. The aroma of baked beans and cheap sausages was just too much for me that morning.

After a couple of days, we realised the divide: there appeared to be a ‘Mini Strip’ full of restaurants and bars, which lead to the ‘Main Strip’ with larger, louder bars and a couple of clubs. It was so easy to work around, and we all thought it was fab, as there was quite a lot of diversity going on.

One of our favourite spots, Buzz, which offered a 1 hour bar for 5 euros.

Now, don’t get me wrong: you will leave Kavos with a sore throat because the alcohol they use is ridiculously cheap and ironically, not the best quality. The spirits taste like petrol – even the mixers were a bit suspect, but we all know Chavos isn’t an area of fine wine and gourmet meals. You pay for fun, affordability and craziness, and it’s certainly what you get.

If you were looking for a nicer, more calm spot to head to, Fresh bar was the one.

Rather than teeming with overly-keen, shrieking promoters who think it’s acceptable to grab you by the arm and drag you into bars, this place was run by a man who called himself ‘Viking’, and he prided himself on only serving proper spirits, fancy cocktails and a nicer bar setting than what we were used to.

60 seconds in and we were sold; we visited this bar several times, and I’d definitely recommend it.

After the copious amounts of drinks consumed in the week, it wouldn’t be made without someone chundering, would it…?

I will say if you’re planning to go to Kavos (which you really should, I promise) prepare to see vomit, and lots of it. One too many times did I walk into a club bathroom to find toilets, sinks and floors splattered with concerning amounts of puke. If you have a phobia of sick, step with caution, I warn you.

Warning: approach carefully. They taste much better than they sound.

Out of us 6 girls, we were all pretty confident that we wouldn’t have our heads over the toilet at any point. We like to drink, but we aren’t too stupid with it. Not too bad.

One of us especially (no names) spent the entire holiday boasting that they had never been sick, and never would. I think she might have got slightly too cocky, as she drank about 50 vodka cokes in one night and subsequently threw up a grand total of 6 TIMES. Never say never, gals.

As for events, I can recommend plenty. Firstly, the Full Moon Party: an outdoor beach rave where they serve buckets (yes, buckets) of drinks. Forget cups – why not consume 5 servings of cocktail all in one?

IMG_0088 2
Of course, a free t-shirt is thrown into the mix.

I’d say it was my favourite night of the holiday. Other events I loved were the Paint Party and the Booze Cruise. Pretty self explanatory – the Paint Party is an outdoor party where they shoot paint cannons everywhere, and the Booze Cruise is an all-day boat party which stops at a private beach with a BBQ. You also get to pay a visit to the gorgeous Blue Lagoon.

What would an event be without a complimentary T-shirt?


The beautiful Blue Lagoon, which we jumped into off the boat.

Considering our hotel was rather cheap, we were very lucky that it was clean, located perfectly close to the strip, slap-bang on the beach with a fab pool and restaurant. We couldn’t have asked for any more (apart from the dodgy room situation.)

We stayed at Sofia Beach Apartments, and I’d definitely suggest researching it if you’re thinking of going to Kavos.

Views from the restaurant


Since we were located by the sea, this meant we had easy access to watersports, and a newly set-up assault course in the water, resembling something from Total Wipeout. Obviously, we were doing both.


This photo makes it look all fun and games: let me tell you now, it bloody wasn’t.

Sporting some hugely oversized life-jacket whilst constantly sliding and slipping off made us seriously struggle trying to climb back on every two minutes.

Honestly, afterwards I felt like I’d done 12 rounds with Anthony Joshua and couldn’t lift my arms if I tried. However, this didn’t stop us staying out there for about 2 hours.

A gorgeous sunset… with a death trap in view.

We also couldn’t resist the ‘Crazy Sofa’ while we were there.



We had so much fun the first time that we ended up going on it again a few days later. However… the second time, the sea had decided to become extremely choppy and the wind was so strong it practically blew us into the bloody Solar System.

This meant that every time we opened our mouths to scream (A.K.A every one second) our mouths would fill up with tasty sea water, and honestly I had to pray I wouldn’t choke on a fish or some other marine creature.

As for food in Kavos, I personally was quite impressed with the choice (especially for me on a veggie diet.) If you read my blog post about Zante, you’d find that the vegetarian delicacies they had to offer weren’t particularly enticing. Luckily, nobody in Kavos offered me a block of cheese in a bread roll, so I was pretty much okay.

IMG_0060 2
Veggie kebabs were often thrown into the mix
IMG_0099 2
Of course, a nice Greek Salad was always easy to find.

Most restaurants in the area offered ‘2 courses for 6.90’ deals, so obviously, very affordable. I mean… you kind of do have to question what on earth they’re feeding you for that amount of money, but everything tasted fine. We weren’t exactly expecting Michelin star dining.

Apart from one occasion, vegetarian food was pretty much always accessible and most restaurants had separate vegetarian menus which was really helpful. When we got to our ‘Beach BBQ’ on the Booze Cruise, and asked for the veggie option, they offered us tuna. Hmmm… I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever seen a tuna tree before, but fair enough.

In the end we were given some giant beans in a tomato and herby sauce. I was kind of disgusted when they were forcefully splattered onto my plate, but they actually were delicious.

One big, sloppy, yummy mess.

Once it got to our last day/night, we were all feeling pretty gutted and I was devastated knowing I was going back to cloudy England the next day, missing out on the 30 degree sun, potential heat stroke and alcohol poisioning. Sigh.

We were all getting ready for the last supper, and I was chilling outside on our balcony eating a bloody lovely Maltesers ice cream (because what else would you eat right before dinner?) until I was interrupted by a strange, slightly creepy quiet voice saying ‘hello.’

Turns out we had a new neighbour; a man who had come to Kavos… alone. Not really the kind of place you want to explore on ya larry. After being utterly collared for about 20 minutes and my pleads for help in our group chat ignored, I was kindly locked outside and forced to converse with this fellow, who proceeded to invite himself out for dinner with me.

Safe to say he didn’t join. Although, we all had an amazing last night together and, of course, enjoyed every minute of it.

An unusually pretty building on the strip.

So… I think that rounds up my post about Kavos!

I do hope you all enjoyed the read, and got a feel for how delightfully tacky but SO FUN the place is. If you’re heading there this Summer, let me know!

Love, Dayna x


  • Photo credits: Myself, and from my friends Instagram accounts:




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