How To Do Summer: My Top 3 ☀️ 

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing grand.

Since it is Summer (duh) I thought I’d write up about my absolute favourite time of year.

When it gets to mid-July, it’s usually sweltering hot and some people tend to say things like ‘I miss Winter/I’m sick of the sun!’ Please, get into the bin.

Summer, for me, is the best time of year! You get a tan and healthy glow, you can literally do anything because of the weather (well, maybe not if you live in the UK.) But, all in all, it’s a feel-good time of year. Let’s get started on my top 3 things to do in these gorgeous months!


Believe it or not, I’m not usually a big ‘tanning’ girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get bronzed up on my summer holidays and make the most of the sun, but I don’t fake tan, literally ever. I once used fake tanning ‘wipes’ when I was about 14 and ended up sporting white, pale legs with 2 random tango strips going down them. It wasn’t my best look, I have to say.

However… this summer, I’ve been a bit browner than usual; I’ve been paying visits to The Tanning Shop and having sunbeds. Brighton has two branches: Western Road and Queens Road, however they are all over the country.


*Now, before I go on: I am in no way promoting sunbeds or saying that you should get them, because at the end of the day, everyone knows they are not good for your skin at all.* I am simply telling you about my experiences with them.

I have been using them in moderation during the Summer months and obviously will not make them a super regular habit! Let’s face it, downing 2 bottles of wine in one night and scoffing through a family pack of chocolate fingers isn’t healthy either, but we still all do that, right? No…? Me neither.

Anyway, I had some sunbed sessions with lotion before my recent holiday to Corfu and I have undoubtedly seen massive progress compared to my usual tan after a week of heat. I feel super super brown this year and have upped my dose of Vitamin D compared to other times where I’ve felt deflated with my rubbish, unimpressive tan.

You can also purchase lotion sachets/bottles which deepen and extend your tan.

The people working in the shop were all so helpful in giving me advice, too, as I had absolutely no clue what I was doing.

If you’re not willing to get under the sunbeds (ahem, final destination) they also offer spray tanning – another thing I’m keen to try! Luckily, The Tanning Shop have special deals and flash sales all the time, so a new bronzed body won’t break ya bank too hard.

  • My tanning treatments were free in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are 100% my own.



To me, Summer just isn’t the same without paying a visit to a festival of some sort. Whether it’s an entire weekend, a whole week or just a single day, you need one in your life. Nothing quite says summer like lying in a sweaty, stinking tent with 3 day old beer spilt over you, or being pushed about in heaving crowds unable to breathe sufficiently. All fun and games!


Some people absolutely despise festivals, which is fair enough (reeking, blocked portaloos dont appeal to everyone, funnily enough.) However, some people I know have never even been to one! I’d really recommend a smaller, 1-day festival such as Wireless for people who are wanting to give their first festival a go. You can still watch lots of acts in that small space of time, drown yourself in glitter and get drunk. Woop woop!


I went to Wildlife Festival back in June, which went above and beyond my expectations, and I am also looking forward to Creamfields and Boundary Brighton in the next couple of months. Yeeessss… they do break your banks and cause you to be penniless, but they are oh-so worth it, trust me. If you wanna get more into the festival mood, read my Festival Essentials blog post!



Summer wouldn’t be Summer for me without going abroad, so I make effort throughout the year to put some funds aside for it. I’ve just got back from Kavos, and the holiday blues are real (as well as the Kavos cough.)


Whether its a gals/lads clubbing holiday in Zante or Malia, a more chilled destination such as Barcelona, a city break in Amsterdam or even a festival abroad such as Benicassim (my favourite place, EVER) you need to throw yourself on a plane. (Unless you’re frightened of flying like I am. I despise flying but adore going away. See my problem?)

Anyway, I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my blog post today. Take care.

Love, Dayna x

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