What’s Really Inside? πŸ‘œΒ 

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

I recently ran a poll on Twitter to see what kind of posts you guys prefer, and it was clear that you all really like my lifestyle/chatty blogs… which is perfect, because I love writing them, too!

I thought I’d do a typical lifestyle blogger post, which is the ‘What’s In My Bag?’ tag. A pretty nosey entry, but it’s a popular one. So, let’s get started.

IMG_1640 (1)

The bag I’m using at the moment is this lovely, simple, brand new Aviaa Nylon Tote Bag from Ted Baker. I was MASSIVELY in need of a new handbag – I’m the kind of girl that will use just one bag every single day until the death of it, rather than having a selection of bags which I choose from depending on how I feel. As much as I’d prefer that option, it’s just not purse-friendly, let’s not lie.

Now, let’s get into the interesting bit – what’s actually in there? If you know me, you’ll be aware that if you pick up my handbag, it usually resembles the weight of about 10 bricks and a small child. However… since this is a fairly new bag, it isn’t too full of crap, but it’s surely getting there.


The most important thing in my bag is my purse; yes, it may be a tatty, worn Primark thing, but it genuinely contains my life (no exaggeration) and I cannot bring myself to part with it. I mean, if someone offered to buy me a Louis Vuitton purse tomorrow, I wouldn’t exactly decline, but for now I think I’ll stick with this.

I could probably write a whole separate blog post solely on what it holds, but I think I’ll show you instead…


Well well well, what a load of…toot. Let’s just summarise the mess of what my purse consists of:

  • Many, many loyalty/points cards, ranging in importance: a Holland & Barrett card which has never been activated (helpful) and a Nandos loyalty card (very high significance in my life.)
  • 1 silver hoop earring, just in case I fancy a switch-up with the jewellery… on one ear.
  • 4 pence – yes, I know, I am rolling in it.
  • A 2 for 1 Pizza Express voucher which expired 3 months ago. Very useful.
  • An orange bracelet which has lived in my purse for about 3 years now and has never seen daylight, poor thing. One of my friends bought me this from a holiday quite a while back, so if you’re reading this… sorry.
  • A New Look voucher with about Β£2 left on it – I’m gonna go on a mad shopping spree with that one.
  • Anti-histamines, because you never know when the hay fever is going to hit you and make you cry.

As you can tell, my purse boasts an abundance of objects, some more random than others.

The next thing in my purse is keys, because, funnily enough, I kind of want to be able to let myself into my house and my car (a monstrous 1 litre engine Corsa)


Of course, I have the obligatory fluffy pom-pom attached, and an I Love Amsterdam key ring, because, well, who doesn’t?


I always carry around my absolutely gorgeous Tiffany sunglasses, which were a Christmas present from my Dad.


I think these look so elegant and pretty: perfect for Summer.


I try to make sure I have water in my bag at all times, to avoid dehydration, of course. But, strangely, I still get headaches on a daily basis because clever me forgets that it’s there. Wonderful.


Here is my padlock (just in case I find the motivation to drag myself to the gym) and also the nail varnish I am wearing at the moment, the Metal Nails Silver Polish. I do want to get acrylic nails put back on as I am sick of my fingers looking like stumpy sausages, but for now, homemade manicures will have to do.


Smelling pleasant is an essential for me, so I always carry around deodorant and a nice perfume. Please don’t attempt to clamber onto a crowded bus if you smell like you haven’t washed in 100 years.


Another absolute vital thing inside my bag is my diary. Honestly, I stay pretty organised with this, and I’d be lost without it. Making plans 6 months in advance is no longer an issue.


As someone with a penchant for chewing gum (more like uncontrollable addiction) it is absolutely necessary that I have some handy at all times. I also like to carry around a lip balm – at the moment, I’m using the Burt’s Bees Coconut & Pear Moisturising Lip Balm. It’s so hydrating and has a fab, light scent.



Last but not least, my makeup bag, which for some unknown reason has the initial ‘N’ on it (thanks Santa Claus.)

I usually stuff as much makeup as humanly possible in here just so I have a few choices and options when I go out, although I usually end up using 1 object the entire day and forgetting I bought anything else. Oops.

So, that seems to round up today’s post! I hope you all enjoyed the read, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

Love, Dayna x


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