8 Things People Who Had Braces Will Understand 😬

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and enjoyed the weekend.

Today’s blog post is all about those delightful things we call braces – a very rant-worthy topic! Even if you don’t have braces or never wore them as a teen, I hope you enjoy reading this post! If you’re expecting to get braces put on any time soon, I’m sorry if I scare you…

Wax is a Lifesaver…

Actually, no, it’s bloody not. Let me warn you truthfully – when you first get your braces put in, it is AGONISING.

Basically, it feels like your teeth are slowly being ripped out of your gums. If you’ve ever experienced this, I sympathise with you. If you’re going to be experiencing this soon… uhh, you’ll be fine.

You’ll hear people say ‘Try wax! It’s amazing.’ Basically, you get given these little strips of hard wax which you can roll up and stick on your braces which stops the metal rubbing against the inside of your mouth… apart from the brilliant fact that A) It tends to fall off within about 5 minutes and B) has a disgusting minty flavour, familiar to the taste of when a dentist puts their gloved hand in your mouth and you taste something that resembles old mouth wash and rubber. Yummy.

*Photo taken from DentaKit.Com*

Choosing New Colours Is The Biggest Decision Of Your Life

Every 3 months or so when you have braces, you go in to the orthodontist to get them tightened and choose new colours for the little tabs along the metal wire.

As a 15 year old girl, this was really tough. Pink is pretty, but what if I want to wear red lipstick in the near future? I can’t deal with that unbearable clashing. Turquoise is cool, but won’t it make my mouth look too bright? We can’t have that.

White was also an option, but, of course, you’d heard the rumours that they stain yellow, and then you’re stuck looking like you brush your teeth once a year. Oh, the struggle…

Speaking of Getting Braces Tightened, Prepare Yourself for the Agony…

My blog is all about being brutally honest, so I’ll give it to you. Prepare yourself for the agony of getting your braces tightened every few months. The first time, you’ll be young, free and naive and think ‘I feel fine!’ as soon as it’s done.

However… fast-forward a few hours, you’ll be weeping and wondering what you ever did to deserve this searing pain. Don’t worry, your teeth will not ping out of your mouth, even if it feels that way. You’ll get through it… after 3 days of crying and living off soup. Just a heads up, this happens several times a year. Glorious.

Smiling through the pain…

The Pain Doesn’t Stop There, Though…

Oh no, no, no. Don’t think after those few days you’ll feel right as rain. Remember the inside of your mouth being constantly sore and scratched?

If you’re unlucky enough to have an orthodontist who leaves the metal wire loose at the back of your mouth, I feel for you. Deeply. This is where wax is supposed to work it’s wonders, although it generally doesn’t.

The Disappointment When You Realise Your Favourite Foods Are a No-Go…

When I first had my braces put on, I was told no chocolate, sweets, gum, popcorn, even corn on the cob. Umm… sorry, what?

If you’re unaware… these are some of the BEST foods life has to offer. Conveniently, they’re also the most evil if you have braces, as they will get stuck in every single nook and cranny.

Did I abide by the rules? Did I fuck. I was no way in hell prepared to give up Cadbury’s chocolate or Skittles for 2 years, was I? Also, as somebody with a chewing gum addiction, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of ditching it. So, I spent most of my days having to constantly pick out bits of food from my braces (attractive, I know) and checking my teeth in the mirror. Worth it for that choccy, though.

IMG_1275 (1)
Goodbye, life…

The Ordeal of Having your Braces and Retainer Fitted Was Not Fun, Either…

Before you’d even been subject to the wrath of becoming a metal mouth, you had to actually get your moulds taken, so they could fit the braces to you.

And, after the trauma of having them on for 1/2/even 3 years, you have to get your moulds done again so they can make your retainer. If you’ve had or have braces, you’ll know the horror of the uncontrollable gagging it brings you when they shove this uncomfortable, gigantic metal contraption in your mouth and snap shots of your pearly whites, all the while making you bite into a disgusting, gooey concoction.

When You Finally Get Your Braces Removed, You Might Not Be 100% Happy…

Don’t get me wrong… you’ll be thrilled to finally be rid of the dreaded braces and probably take about 100 selfies to show everyone you’re now sporting dead-straight teeth. No? Me neither…

But, initially, when they’re off, your teeth will feel very strange. The only word I can use to describe them is slimy. You’ve got used to feeling rough metal against your mouth, but now there are simply teeth in place and you cannot get your head round the silky smooth feeling.

Happy to be metal-free…

You Despise Your Retainer Like It’s The Devil in Disguise…

Nope, the horror isn’t over just yet. You’ll be given your retainer and it will make you lisp like there is no tomorrow. Sure, it’s only for night-time, so it’s not too bad, right? Wrong. You have to wear it for an entire day at first, so your mouth gets used to it, and will spend all day unable to talk properly.

What’s more, it will probably make you wretch profusely, and, if you forget to wear it for a few nights in a row, you might as well say your prayers already. Let’s just say you’ll shed tears putting it back in and wonder if the new gnashers are even worth it.

So, there we have it. If I’ve put you off braces… my apologies, it really isn’t all bad.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Speak soon.

Love, Dayna x

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