Review: Le Nantais Bistro, Hove

Hello everyone – I hope you’re all enjoying the gorgeous weather at the moment.

Today’s blog post is a restaurant review of a lovely little place in Hove. I’ve visited Le Nantais Bistro many, many times, but not since creating my blog. So, I thought a review of a recent visit was necessary!

I went here a few weeks ago for a Sunday lunch with my family, and thoroughly enjoyed the food and relaxing atmosphere.



The restaurant itself is so quaintly decorated with very neutral colours, artwork, and white panels, but doesn’t appear dull or boring at all. Instead, the premises boasts an extremely classy and sophisticated look.

I’ve been here a countless amount of times over the years, but never for a roast dinner (not since being a vegetarian, anyway.) So, I was apprehensive to try, since I’m not a big fan of the typical ‘nut roast’. Why, why, why, does every restaurant seem to think that veggies live off bloody seeds and almonds?!

After sitting down, we shortly ordered a bottle of wine (what’s a sunny Sunday lunch without wine, anyway…?)


They have a fab selection of wine, too, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. I also loved how they’d decorated each table seasonally with cute daffodils.

When I looked at the Sunday menu… surprise, the veggie option was all but nut based. Shock horror. Anyway, I still opted for the Wellington Vegetarian Nut Roast.

However… I was not disappointed this time. I ordered it, because, well, I had no choice, but it was genuinely absolutely DELICIOUS, and would 100% order it again on another visit.


The nut roast aspect of the meal was in pastry, which was a unique touch to the norm. Everything on the plate was delicious and honestly without fault. I’ve never been a massive roast girl… not sure why, to be honest, because when I do eat them, I sit there and say ‘mmm’ the entire time. They’re just never my first choice or preference! I mean, when I’m starving hungry after a night out and I’m craving something yummy, I think of a giant pizza or an Indian takeaway, not a roast dinner.

But, I’d still give a 10/10 to this meal, and recommend it to anyone fancying something slightly different to beef or chicken.

In addition to their selection of roast dinners, they were also serving from their normal menu.


I always like it when restaurants serve their normal menu’s on Sundays, rather than just assuming that everybody wants meat, veg and gravy at the end of the week. Choice is necessary!

I’d definitely recommend this place to lovers of finer dining, as they have many classic French dishes such as French Onion Soup Gratinee, and, of course, Escargots de Bourgogne. Personally, I’d rather pass on the snails, as the thought makes me feel just very slightly ill, but I know others will eat them no problem!

One thing I’ll tell everyone about this place is that their desserts are always absolutely incredible. You cannot go there without ordering one of their fresh puds; if you’ve visited here before and didn’t opt for anything sweet after your meal, you didn’t really go properly and therefore must immediately rush back.


We went for the French Style Banoffee Pie (pictured above) and also a Sticky Toffee Pudding, two of my faves. Well, all puddings are my faves to be honest.

Literally, their banoffee pie is to die for. Admittedly, the photo just resembles a bit of a brown mess, but it tastes like it has been made by an actual angel of God. All I can say to any future visitors is: get it, get it, get it.

The sticky toffee pudding is equally as indulgent and incredible, but it was unfortunately brutally mauled by my savage family before I could get a decent photo.

All in all, as I’m sure you’ve been able to tell, the restaurant really is a fantastic gem in Hove and always makes for an enjoyable visit.

I hope you liked this blog post, and I’ll speak to you all on Monday. Enjoy your weekends!

Love, Dayna x




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