Top 3 Brighton Breakfast Spots 🍳 

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and had lovely weekends.

Today’s post is one I thought about writing ages ago when I was hungry, flicking through my camera roll and consequently drooling.

I absolutely love brunch/breakfast/lunch or anything that involves baked beans and hash browns, to be honest. In Brighton, there are a multitude of breakfast and brunch spots; some of which are classic, well known go-to’s, some are pretty foul. As a vegetarian, it can be quite difficult to find a decent full English fry-up (yes, it can be done!) So, after trying and tasting many of Brighton’s notorious places for a good brekkie, I’ve compiled a small list of my top 3 favourites. Enjoy!


1 – Baked, Church Road, Hove

Looking at this photo is literally making me ravenous. This place, becoming quite popular, has such a good selection of breakfasts, smoothies and milkshakes. This was the Vegan Breakfast, and they also had a Traditional House Breakfast, Eggs, Porridge and Pancakes. The place had something to suit all tastes, and, let me tell you, this breakfast plate was to die for.


Priced at £8.50, it’s certainly not the cheapest option, but hey – I’m not into greasy spoon cafe’s where your place mat practically sticks to the table and your cutlery looks like it could do with a good cleanse or 10. All the food was of such good quality, and my stomach didn’t feel like it was going to cave in on itself like it sometimes does after eating a greasy plateful. In the ramekin behind the beans was a more unique addition to a traditional-style breakfast, ‘peperonata’. I’d never tried this before, but it was basically a red pepper/tomato concoction, and tasted delicious.

2- Alcampo Lounge, London Road, Brighton

Alcampo Lounge has always been a go-to of mine after my friend and I realised it was right next to our gym and it was AMAZING… a good or evil discovery? And, no, they are not onion bhajis and spring rolls on my plate (although that could be a breakfast revolution for when you’re hungover and need to consume some grease pronto.) This was their Vegan Breakfast. Everything there always tastes fresh and delicious – paired with a lovely relaxed atmosphere, it’s one of my go-tos.


The falafels added to the breakfast are also a nice, unique touch. Very Brighton.

3 – Kensingtons The Balcony Cafe, Kensington Gardens, Brighton

This absolutely huge plateful is from one of my most favourite spots in the city. Their Big Vegan breakfast pictured below is fan-bloody-tastic if you’ve got a big appetite (like me) and fancy something super substantial. This place has tonnes of breakfast options (which are served all day, hallelujah) in addition to nachos, jacket potatoes, paninis, burgers and so much more. The addition of salad and hummus to the breakfast I ordered is beautifully light and makes you feel just that little bit healthier after carbing up on bread and hash browns.


The balcony seating section is admittedly small but perfect for people-watching on a nice day. If you’ve never visited this place… A) you just have to. End of.  B) – are you really a true Brightonian?


So, there we have 3 of my favourite breakfast/brunch spots in Brighton. Let me know your thoughts or other recommendations, please!

Love, Dayna x

P.S – All three of my recommendations had breakfast options for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters, so they are perfect for absolutely everyone.


3 thoughts on “Top 3 Brighton Breakfast Spots 🍳 

  1. The plant room, green kitchen,joes cafe and Billies cafe (NOT bills!!!) are my favourite vegan breakfasts in Brighton by far! Check them out!

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