My First Time

Hello everyone – I hope you’re all doing well and are having fabulous weeks.

Firstly, don’t ask why the featured photo on this blog is of flowers – I literally had no clue what else to put in the prime spot, so flowers it is.

Today’s post is slightly different but something I thought would be quite fun to write: it’s the first time tag. This is usually something which is more popular on YouTube rather than blogs, but I thought… hey-ho, let’s mix it up a bit.

For anyone that has no clue what I’m talking about; I know the title might sound a bit cringe, but do not fear: this tag is basically where you talk about some of the ‘first times’ you had/did things. So, lets get started.

  • My First Best Friend

This one’s quite cute because I still have the same best friend (plus many more!) that I made when I was just 4 years old. Shoutout to Meg, who I conned into being best friends with me in reception and she’s stuck by me and my weird ways ever since. I don’t know what I’d do without you (or any of the other girls – you all know who you are!)

Here we are, Meg looking stunning with no front teeth.
  • My First Car

I’m currently still sporting my first car, as I actually only got it under a year ago. It’s a black Corsa active… perfect first little runaround, despite boasting a monstrous 1 litre engine and putting me in constant worry of rolling back down huge hills.

Ahh… before the scratches started mysteriously appearing.
  • My First Phone

I’m pretty certain I was about 10 when I got my first phone, but I’m not 100% sure. It was a typical Nokia brick, the only reason I picked it being that it was pink. Wonderful. I actually still have it somewhere in my drawers, and would bloody love to find a charger for it so I could watch all the horrendously embarrassing videos I used to force my friends to make with me. Sorry guys.

  • My First Facebook Profile Picture

My actual first profile picture on Facebook is LONG dead and buried – considering I was about 11 when I made my Facebook account, I dread to think about what my photo would have been. Probably a snap I took on my webcam, with a drastic side fringe and blue eye shadow. Yikes. But, according to my account now, my first profile picture was about 4 years ago when I was 15, had braces and was a skinny little minny. Sigh.


  • My First Job

My first job was in an independent chocolate shop in Brighton, Audrey’s Chocolates. Luckily my family knew the owners well so I got a job when I was 16, packing chocolates in boxes/bags etc. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t become obese in my year working there, as I’d eat chocolate at every single opportunity I could… which was all day.

  • My First Sleepover

I remember my first (or one of my first) sleepovers so well. It was with Meg, of course – I think we were about 6, and for some unknown reason we were OBSESSED with the idea that we absolutely had to stay awake until midnight. I remember constantly running to the clock in my Mum and Dad’s room to check the time, and literally would not rest until it hit 12. Mission accomplished… not exactly sure what it achieved, though.

  • My First Pet

Other than the typical goldfish, I think my first proper pet was an adorable little parrot called Pedro. I honestly do remember him so well, and my parents bringing back this tiny baby bird in a box. He used to fly up to my room and ‘kiss’ me goodnight every evening… what a babe. Although, he used to hate everyone except me and my Mum. So, he wasn’t particularly loved back as he would peck and attack anyone else at every given opportunity.


  • My First Holiday

My first holiday was when I was 3, on a mad week in… Ibiza. Hitting the clubs every night, I was. But, seriously, I don’t remember much about the holiday because obviously, it was 16 years ago and I don’t have a magical memory. Luckily when I was young, my Mum filmed practically every holiday, birthday and Christmas, so we have loads of cute videos to watch back on and *try* to remember what I got up to when I was in nappies.

  • My First Festival

I think my first proper festival was ‘Larmer Tree’ with my friend Megan and her family when we were both about 14/15 (different Megan to the first mentioned, I might add). Yes, very weird name but all the fun. It was quite an unusual festival; as I remember, more focused on food and comedy with folky/country music… mental. Me and Megan were so hyped about missing 3 days of school for our first festival and had our hearts set on henna tattoos, flower headbands, bindis… the whole shebang. Apparently, this is the only photo left on social media from when we went to Larmer Tree.

Crazy, coca-cola fuelled weekend…P.S, spot the flower headband, of course.
  • My First Concert

I’m pretty sure my first concert was in the Brighton Centre to see Girls Aloud… cringe. I remember getting all dressed up with my Mum and sister and being so bloody buzzing to go and listen to ‘Sound of the Underground’ live. After I left the concert, I was confused and dismayed at the fact that my ears were banging so much with an awful ringing noise which lingered for hours after. Oh, so young and naive…


So, that seems to round up my ‘First Time’ tag! If you’ve read or watched some before, you’ll probably notice that I switched up a few of the questions, simply because I didn’t have interesting answers for some or they didn’t even apply to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this random blog post. I personally love posts like this, as I’m a bit nosy and I think it gives a good insight into people’s personalities.

Love, Dayna x





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