Review: Boma Bridge, London

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all good.

Today’s blog post, as I’m sure you noticed from the title, is a review of a London restaurant. ‘Boma Bridge’ is the branch in Putney, however there are also other ‘Boma’ restaurants throughout London.

I visited for a Sunday Lunch a few weeks ago, however didn’t actually order a traditional roast. They had no vegetarian roast option, which I didn’t really mind beacause, to be honest, nut roasts aren’t my favourite thing!

The restaurant itself had such a relaxed, chilled out atmosphere. I didn’t snap any photos of the surroundings because it was extremely busy (instant good sign) and of course I didn’t want to upload a collection of pictures to my blog featuring confused faces of people I don’t actually know.

My parents usually insist on getting red wine *sigh* which is rather devastating because I’m more of a typical white/rosé gal. However… this day I was feeling particularly adventurous and decided to sample some of the heavier stuff.


I was actually pleasantly surprised with this ‘Goleta’ red wine. I mean, I’ll always be a Sauvignon Blanc girl at heart (who am I kidding, I usually just go for the cheapest bottle of sparkling rosé there is.)

All jokes aside, I do like to sample nicer wines when I’m out eating delicious food, and this red wine was astonishingly easy to drink and quite yummy. Usually, I find red wine SO disgusting and heavy, so I’m glad I branched out a bit here and enjoyed it for a change.

I was ravenous by the time we arrived at Boma Bridge, so I was feeling a starter (when am I not?) I went for the Grilled Tenderstem Broccoli with Celeriac, Leek and Hazelnut Vinaigrette. I’ll admit, even as a veggie, ‘grilled broccoli’ doesn’t sound like the most thrilling dish. Buuuut… I really love all the ingredients involved, so I thought I’d give it a go.


Beautifully presented, as you can see. I was pleased I ordered this starter as, even though vegetables don’t always make for the most tasty dishes, if you know how to do it right they are DELICIOUS. There was so much flavour going on in this starter, and even my carnivorous sister ordered her own and enjoyed it thoroughly.

For mains, as I already mentioned, there was no vegetarian roast (but even if there was, it wouldn’t have been my first choice!) My parents and sister all ordered roast beef, though, and had not one bad word to say about their meals.

I decided to be different and opted for the Vegetable Red Thai Curry with Chilli, Bamboo Shoots and Basmati Rice, and I’m oh so glad I did.


This curry was honestly so flavoursome, wholesome and packed with healthy veggies. I’d go back just to eat this again. I’d never tried a proper Thai style curry before, so was feeling a bit sceptical about whether I would enjoy my meal or not. However, obviously it was wonderful, and I loved the fresh chilli kick! Annoyingly, my pesky family kept bloody dipping into it themselves.

My only criticism would be that the portion of rice was really small, and I had loads of sauce left after eating it. A tad more would have been greatly appreciated!

Speaking of the rice, I think the portions in general could have done with being just slightly bigger! I mean, you can probably see for yourself that the portions are not entirely satisfying. As mentioned, the roast dinners were delicious (according to my Mum, Dad and sister) but I noticed that the vegetable/potato front was just a little bit measly.

I think the menu was a perfect size, especially for a Sunday. I often find that on Sunday’s, many restaurants literally just serve roast dinners or a very limited selection of dishes.


As you can see, the menu isn’t absolutely overloaded with choice (which usually is a good sign!) But, it was nice to have other options than roasted meats for once!

So, that seems to round up my review of Boma Bridge. I’m definitely keen to return, or try some of the other ‘Boma’ group restaurants in London. If you’ve visited before, I’d love to know what you thought!

Love, Dayna x





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