Vegfest Brighton – 2017

Hello everyone! I hope you all had lovely weekends.

I spent my Saturday at the Brighton Centre for one of my new-found favourite events… Vegfest! Before you click off this page – no, it is certainly not a festival about vegetables. Vegfest is dedicated to showcasing some of the most delicious, luxury vegan treats you can buy, as well as cosmetics, drinks and inspirational speeches.

I went to Vegfest in 2016 in London Olympia and absolutely loved it, so I definitely could not turn down a second visit in my hometown.

I’m not vegan. As much as I’d love to be, I can’t say I am. However, I do stick to the majority of my diet being vegan-friendly, as it is something I fully support and appreciate. I genuinely hope one day to be following an 100% vegan diet. There’s also been a 360% increase in vegans since 2007, soooo… there must be some benefits, right?

Anyway, let me get onto the fun stuff. There were SO MANY free food samples, probably enough to feed the whole of Brighton for an entire year. This is literally my favourite thing about Vegfest, as, well, let’s face it… I’m a bit of a greedy cow sometimes when it comes to the love of my life (that is food).

Deliciously spicy dips from Zims Tribe
One of the best things about Vegfest is that I genuinely believe anyone who isn’t vegan would still enjoy it (as did my friend and I) and probably wouldn’t be able to tell that most of the food wasn’t their usual meaty/dairy/eggy preference!

I think the type of delicious treats on offer really help to fight the silly stigma against veganism, and that it is only based around eating bowls of leaves. *Sigh* I love the odd salad now and then, but, don’t get me wrong, I need my dose of chocolate, chips and ‘junk’ more often than not. Vegfest is 100% the perfect place to get a cruelty-free, healthier option of these kind of foods!


Significantly, the chocolatey, cakey goodness was to die for.

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you’re offered complimentary bites of ‘Ferrero Rocher’ Brownie
If you’re a fan of baked goods (I mean, what normal person isn’t…?) you’d adore the endless choice on offer!
That custard cream cake by Rosina Makes giving me life…
Feed me allllll the chocolate samples from Co Coa
I think you can see for yourself that if you have a sweet tooth, Vegfest was the place to be on Saturday (and Sunday, if you’re extra keen.) But, they also had tonnes and tonnes of savoury food stalls, with cheeses, burgers, chinese-style wraps and noodles, sushi, chips and so much more. I went for a hot-dog from the Vegusto stand, but unfortunately didn’t get a photo because I live for ketchup and practically drowned my hot-dog in the gorgeous stuff. They used their ‘farmhouse style’ sausages and they’re absolutely delicious.

I’m not generally the biggest vegan cheese fan, but this stand of homemade cheeses from Mel’s Kindness Kitchen was super impressive and they all tasted delightful.
The Follow Your Heart stand had even more cheese samples and were also doing ‘spin the wheel’ giveaway prizes.
Despite the enormity of food going around, there were also lots of beauty stalls, selling fragrance, cosmetics, bathing treats and more.

These soap bars and bath bombs from Iuvo Skincare all smelt so fresh and light!
And… let’s face it, what would a vegan festival be without some sort of vegetation going on?

Tonnes of fresh herb plants for sale! The guy running the stall was also handing out seeds for free.
In addition to the culinary beauties, there were also talks being held over the weekend. I actually attended one at the London Vegfest, which was truly inspirational and touching.

So, there we have it. That’s what a day at Vegfest looks like, and, I have to say, looking back I am impressed. Unfortunately there was so so much going on which I didn’t get to photograph because I was busy stuffing my face and grabbing all the freebies.

Let me know if you attended too and what you thought about it! I know I’ll definitely be returning year after year after year. I’m going to link some of the featured brands in this blog post down below (in addition to some others I missed out) so you can check them out for yourselves!

Love, Dayna x


Brands you should check out:

Plus sooooo many more I couldn’t possibly fit!

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