2 Nights in: Stavanger🏒

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I spent my weekend in Norway, visiting my cousin who is a professional ice hockey player there. I travelled with my sister, Nan and boyfriend to see him and we all had a fab time so, of course, it’s going up on the blog…

When we arrived at our apartment (which we found on Air B&B, highly recommended) in the centre of Stavanger, it was about 11pm/midnight (I can’t actually remember, which shows how tired I was feeling). But, like the adventurers we are, we decided to venture out a bit for a crazy night and… find some food and a supermarket. This was on Friday night, and right in the centre of Stavanger seemed pretty loud and some of the bars were buzzing. We thought we’d save the ‘going out’ for Saturday night, though, and I’m glad we did judging by the epic hangover I experienced Sunday morning.

After paying around £30 worth of Norwegian Kroner for what seemed like about 3 items (I will clarify now, Norway is VERY expensive) we headed back to the apartment after a little walk around the town and went to sleep.

Still feeling pretty knackered, we went out the next morning to have a little explore around. Unfortunately it was freezing (which I can deal with) but also raining (which I kind of can’t deal with.) We managed, however, to go out for a yummy but bank-breaking brekkie, and had a walk about. The cobbled streets and little shops were all very similar to the Brighton Lanes!



That day, we had planned to go and watch my cousins ice-hockey match at the stadium, where he plays for the team ‘Stavanger Oilers’. Before this, I’d never been to an ice-hockey match: saying that, I don’t think I’d ever watched a live sports match. Our cousin had sorted us out the ‘VIP treatment’ beforehand, with free tickets and a full buffet before the game, which was fab because, well, food.

Of course, gotta help myself to free desserts…
I’m not into sports at all, but I enjoyed the game thoroughly and would definitely like to watch another ice-hockey match in the future. Best of all, my cousins team won, which made the day even better. Must be our good family genes…



The ice rink was waaaaay larger than I expected, and the sound system was incredible. There was such a good atmosphere in the stadium with everyone cheering and singing loudly for the Oilers. If you’ve never watched an ice hockey match before and get the chance to, 100% take it! You won’t regret it.

That evening, we all went ‘out out’ – yes, even my Nan. She is a cool Nan. After drinking the entire litre of vodka we got for an undeniable £11 in Gatwick’s duty free, all feeling a bit worse for wear, we headed ‘downtown’ to find some drinking spots. Although… slight problem here. Nobody warned me before going to Norway that although the legal drinking age is 18, most bars/pubs will not let you in unless you were 20-22, it seemed. As I’m 19, you can imagine this was pretty annoying and after asking about 4 places, we finally found somewhere I could get in. Soz everyone.


Although expected, the drinks were a bit extortionate and it was about £9 for a small glass of wine, £9 for a shot of Sourz… basically everything was a lot more than what you would usually spend in the UK. But, it was okay… we were on holiday and of course, you get holiday money to SPEND it. To be honest, the prices weren’t such a big problem as we had already drank a bit too much beforehand. Tactics.

After remembering that I actually had to fly home the next day and probably shouldn’t have downed about 4 different types of drink that night, we all decided to head back, or, should I say, stumble back.

The night out was so much fun – the music was great and it seemed like there was something to suit everyone’s taste. Most importantly, the company was the best. Of course, I love my boyfriend, sister and Nan to bits, and considering I hadn’t seen my cousin for nearly 4 years, it was great to catch up with him and meet his new girlfriend.

After waking up pretty early, still feeling drunk and scared of the looming hangover, I probably laid in bed for a few hours starting to feel less intoxicated and more… horrendous. One of those mornings where you think to yourself ‘I’m never doing this ever again’ and then go out the next weekend anyway, drinking vodka like it’s water. Oh well.

That day we had some plans to go out for lunch. Although feeling fragile, we all had a lovely time out and I tried my best to stomach some food.

We went for a little explore and walked to ‘Colour Street’ where all the buildings are, well… different colours. It looked so pretty and quaint and unlike anything else I’ve come across before.


After our day out, it was time to pack up and be on our way home. By this point the heavens had opened and it was raining quite a bit… at least we’d missed the majority of wet weather!

All in all, it was a very short but sweet trip to Norway. I would definitely like to go back perhaps in the Summer, as, lets be honest, everything is better in the Sun. I’d also like to explore other parts of the country, such as Oslo.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my post about what I got up to at the weekend. Let me know if you’ve been to a similar place!

Love, Dayna x

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