My Favourite Bloggers #1

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all well.

I thought I’d do a little (probably really long, actually) post about some of my favourite bloggers out there. There are soooo many blogs I follow and love to read: some religiously, others occasionally, some who I’ve only discovered recently in my first month of blogging.

So, lets get started on a few of my faves.


The Graphic Foodie

The Graphic Foodie Brighton Food Blog Restaurant Reviews

I probably discovered this blog about a year ago – it’s predominantly food based with tonnes of restaurant reviews, recipes and other fun posts such as ‘The Best Cocktail Bars in Brighton’. This I love, because A) we are both from Brighton, which means I have a genuine interest to read her restaurant reviews because I know most are a stones-throw away, and B) because I am always on the lookout for more inspiration on where to go for my next meal out. I mainly live at uni in London, therefore do all my own cooking. Although it is nice to be lazy and chuck some chips in the oven for dinner once in a while, I really enjoy cooking homemade meals, so ideas and inspo are always welcomed.

Favourite blog post: The Best and Worst Pizza in Brighton and Hove



Brighton Girl Problems

Brighton Girl Problems – Just your average Brighton girl

Now, Brighton Girl Problems (or ‘BGP’ as she is more commonly known) is a blogger I have been following from day 1 on social media – she started off just as an anonymous twitter account posting hilarious parody tweets, but then created a blog. I absolutely love every one of her posts, as there is such variety, which I really like with blogs. From beauty, lifestyle, reviews… she has written tonnes of interesting, funny and honest entries which I have enjoyed reading for years! What I really admire about BGP’s blog is the stretch between serious topics and more fun posts. It’s a go-to blog for fashion and makeup recommendations, but also more serious reads about mental health and other ‘taboo’ subjects.

Favourite blog post10 Stages of A Girls Night Out



  Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart Fashion Lifestyle Recipes Travel Health Beauty

This blog probably won’t come as a surprise – Niomi Smart’s success has soared in the past few years, and she now has a cooking/lifestyle book ‘Eat Smart’. I love how her blog is so focused on well-being and plant-based health, but is still so enjoyable and easy to read. I admire how she encourages readers to live healthier lives, without sounding patronising or nagging! Again, this blogger grew up and lived in Brighton, so several of her blogs feature our hometown. Come on, we all feel like a kid in a sweet shop when we see pictures or hear recommendations about places where we live, especially someone with as big a social media platform as Niomi Smart!

Favourite blog postWatermelon For Breakfast



Rosie Posie’s Puddings and Pies

Brighton food blog and restaurant reviews   Rosie Posie s Puddings   Pies.png

Similar to The Graphic Foodie, this blog is one I probably found around a year ago, so I’m a fairly new reader but am LOVING the content. Again, this blog is all about my one true love: food. Rosie’s reviews are always very honest which of course is ideal because you know you can trust her opinion. Not only are there lots of reviews (in Brighton, woop woop) but also fun posts such as ‘Best and Worst Roasts in Brighton’ – I’m literally obsessed with ‘Best and Worst’ food posts and always love it when food bloggers write up about these comparisons. P.S check out Rosie’s Instagram (rosieposiebtn) … you might feel a bit peckish afterwards.

Favourite blog post: The Best and Worst Breakfasts and Brunches in Brighton and Hove



The Auburn Agenda

The Auburn Agenda   beauty and lifestyle blog.png

Recently I have been absolutely glued to posts by ‘The Auburn Agenda’. I adore her really simple but classy blog layout, and think her content is genuinely so full of talent. I particularly like her travel posts, especially the one about her trip to Mexico. It was a really relaxing, easy-to-read post and I loved hearing all the little details about the holiday. I also loved her ‘Travel Bucketlist’ post – I have severe wanderlust so this post was definitely right up my street.

Favourite blog post: My Trip To Mexico



Oh She Glows

Vegan Recipes by Angela Liddon Oh She Glows

This blog is another foodie one (what a surprise). I love learning new veggie recipes to stock up for uni life, and, bonus, all of her recipes are 100% vegan which I am a big lover of as I try to eat a majority-vegan diet (if that’s even a thing). Her blog design is adorable, particularly the little radish logo (update – the radish is now gone. Cry) and all of her recipes look absolutely amazing, completely defeating the stigma around vegans ‘only eating lettuce’. Her cookie recipe is one I am yet to try, but they look absolutely deeeelish, as is anything to do with chocolate. She also has a tonne of posts about pregnancy, so it might be something any expectant mothers might want to check out.

Favourite blog post: One Bowl Jumbo Chocolate Chunk Cookies


So, that rounds up a few of many of my favourite bloggers. It goes without saying that there are TONNES of other blogs I love to read, but I couldn’t possibly fit them all into one post as I wanted to write a few details about them all and why I love reading their content.

Let me know who your favourites are! I’d love to do another ‘favourite bloggers’ post in the future.


Love, Dayna x

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