7 Nights in: Zante 🥃

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well.

I’m going to start off a travel series where I talk about some of the best (and potentially worst) places in the world I have travelled to. I thought I’d kickstart this idea with one of my favourite girls holidays from June 2016 in Zakynthos!

‘Zante’ as it’s better known is one of the most notorious ‘party islands’ in Greece; most people associate the place with chundering in the streets, 10 day hangovers, a solid weeks diet of cheesy chips, and returning home with a famous ‘Zante cough’ (yes, it does exist).

Aside from all those things, me and 4 of my girlfriends ended up having the most memorable week. So, I thought I’d talk about some of the funniest moments… positives and negatives. Enjoy!

After our flight, we arrived in boiling hot Zakynthos and were desperate to get to our accommodation. We stayed in ‘Hera Apartments’ and I couldn’t recommend it more – after booking a 2* place, we were all pretty nervous in case it would turn out like an Inbetweeners movie moment where we arrive to a dead dog in the well and skidmarked duvets.

Thankfully, this was not the case at all and we were pleasantly surprised – everything was spotless, the rooms were perfect sizes, the pool was beautiful and the on-site bar served up cheap cocktails and even all-day food which was luckily really decent and affordable.


5 minutes after arriving, all feeling groggy from the early morning flight, we were served up shots from our rep, who informed us that he had ‘broken many beds in his time in Zante.’ Nice.

After flashing each other panicked looks, freaking out at the prospect of throwing up so early during the holiday, we weren’t too keen to start doing shots so soon with 0 mental preparation.

Absolute first world problem, this was. But, we all managed to keep down the stuff like champs as it literally just tasted like watery orange squash. Panic over.

Practically everywhere we went served up free shots on arrival, shouting ‘yamas!’ as they handed them to you. It took me 6 days to realise that ‘yamas’ actually meant ‘cheers’ and no, it wasn’t the name of the fruity drink they kept giving us everywhere. Whatever.

On our very first night, we made the rooky error of going out for 8:30pm (what were we thinking?!) because we’d booked an event that started at 9pm. We soon came to realise that this was a big mistake, as we were the only 5 people in the bar for about an hour and a half.

The event we had booked for the first night was the bar crawl ‘Total Karnage’. It was good fun, but not really worth the money, I’d say. However, we got a free t-shirt out of it, so all was good.

One thing I would 100% tell everyone to visit in Zante is the waterpark – it was the most fun day we had out there. After dragging my poor alcohol-saturated body from bed with a splitting headache and force-feeding myself beans on toast (a classic 2 euro bargain) I was ready to get on some waterslides (just about) and we had THE best time.

Besides from falling asleep in the pool about 10 times and my hat flying off mid-slide, it was pretty fabulous. A must-do if you’re going to Zante.

If I had to recommend 2 night spots to go to, I’d have to say the notorious ‘Cocktails & Dreams’ and also the lesser known ‘Excite’.

I mean… both equally un-classy, loud and smelly, but triple the fun of a sophisticated, quiet bar.

‘Cocktails & Dreams’ were 3 words I had probably heard 856 times before heading over to the Greek paradise. If you’re looking for ear-splitting music, cheap (probably poisonous) drinks and neon lights (which, let’s face it, if you’re going to Zante you probably are), then this club is the place for you.

Isn’t it just stunning?

As for Excite, let me just say that it cost 10 euros for an all night bar. ALL. NIGHT. BAR. I REPEAT, 10 EUROS. 9pm-7am if you were feeling keen.

Who cares if the vodka tasted like toilet cleaner and the shots practically choked you with their deathly fumes? Not me.

Who cares if the luring idea of ‘getting your moneys worth’ in this bar caused my friend to down 5 vodka cokes in 5 minutes and then spend the rest of the night with her head down the loo? Naah, it’s all fun and games.

Who cares if it made one of my friends so drunk that she fell backwards off the bar and on top of 3 angry bartenders? Naah. Well, I mean, she nearly broke her back and was essentially bed bound for the last 2 days of the holiday. So we kind of cared.


One of our favourite events in Zante was definitely the paint party – the event itself wasn’t so expensive and was such good fun. As well as getting a t-shirt (woop woop) you were given an hour free bar beforehand which is always fun (and lethal).

After deciding I just wasn’t ‘painty’ enough with a meagre few splats on my top, I thought it would be a good idea to stand directly in front of a paint cannon. About a millisecond after… Dayna knew, she had fucked up.

My hair felt like I’d dumped an entire bottle of conditioner on it and left it for 10 years. One of the girls also had a bottle lobbed at her face which made her eye bleed. Not the best look for us. BUT IT WAS STILL THE BEST NIGHT.


I also realised that Zante probably wasn’t the easiest place to be a vegetarian. I hadn’t struggled too much finding veggie meals, until one night when we were given a burger voucher each at a swanky pool party.

I thought: they must have a veggie option! I mean, it’s 2016 (at the time). Erm… maybe not.

After queuing for about 20 minutes for this sodding burger and feeling starving, I was told there was no veggie option. Great. But, one of the girls working there winked and said “Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!”

Feeling relieved that I’d actually be eating that night, I was practically overjoyed when she came back with a wrapped-up, burger-resembling shape for me. This soon fizzled out when I realised that my ‘burger’ was literally an entire block of feta in a bun. Not a few slices, but a block. I could practically smell the goat lingering on it.

One of Zante’s more classy venues, Republic Beach Club

On our last full day, one of my friends and I (last two standing after a week of disgraceful alcohol consumption and 3 hours sleep) headed to the ‘Booze Cruise’ which, frankly, we were fucking dreading.

After waking up feeling worse for wear, the last thing we desired was to stand on a rocky boat for 6 hours and be force fed beers.

However, like the heroes we are, we managed to get ourselves on that boat and had an amazing day doing watersports, dancing and taking advantage of the free bar, having a hair of the dog (or 12) to cure our disgusting hangovers.

Pretty views from the boat

Despite the alcoholic, laughing-gas-fuelled nights out, we did manage to do some more tame activities while we were in Zante, and all jokes aside, it really is a beautiful island with lots of wildlife and gorgeous views.

We went on a turtle boat trip, where we saw tonnes of the amazing creatures. We also went for some lovely meals out in the evenings, and even had a night off to play cards – how mature. But seriously, a night off is sometimes necessary after drinking your body weight in cheap Sambuca the day before.


All in all, me and my girlfriends had such a hilariously fun time away in Zante, and I would totally recommend it to any guys or gals looking for a party getaway. It’s cheap, cheerful and probably not as manky as Magaluf. Probably not.

Until July, Kavos awaits me…

Love, Dayna x

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