What I Got Up To On Valentine’s Day 🌹

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

As I’m sure you all know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I had a really lovely time with my boyfriend Jake getting up to some bits and bobs. So, I thought… why not write a post about this lovey-dovey day of year.

We usually agree cards and no presents, however this didn’t stop him turning up to my uni with a massive bunch of flowers, which was a sweet surprise! I always love having a fresh bunch of flowers in my room, especially at this grim time of year when the sky is constantly grey and it’s freezing cold. Bleugh.

For the daytime, I’d booked for us to go to ‘La Tasca’ in Leadenhall, London for a Spanish tapas lunch… ahh, the best kind of dining where it’s acceptable to nibble on things other people have ordered.

But, when we arrived, the restaurant was literally packed to the point where we were having to practically shout across the table to talk. Not really the most romantic setting, as you can imagine. Unfortunately we ended up leaving; I was really excited to try their food but it just wasn’t the ideal place for us to sit and chat.

Instead, we went to a ‘Revolution‘ down the road. To me, ‘Revs’ as it’s better known is a place in Brighton to go and get slaughtered on a Saturday night (oh, so classy) but this Revolution was so grand looking, really quiet and sophisticated. We figured this chilled out spot was a much better place to grab some grub.


The menu was pretty impressive with loads of options. We ended up just getting a few bits to share as I wanted to save myself for dinner; but, Jake couldn’t help being a pig too and getting a burger and chips, which he said was delish. The waitress also gave us some free shots of ‘Love Heart Candy’ flavoured vodka, which, although tasted like a hideously strong alcohol version of Calpol, was a lovely gesture.


We had a booking at London’s ‘Sky Garden’ after our lunch, which I was very excited about. I’m so glad we booked this – the view was literally incredible all round the top floor, and best of all, it’s free to go up and visit!


To be able to see The Shard from so high up was amazing. Even though the Sky Garden isn’t as high as The Shard, I personally think the view was equally as impressive and obviously, you’re saving a lot of pennies!

The fact that they had so many tropical, lush plants in the Sky Garden also gave it a super unique feel – it was like nothing I’d ever seen before! It added a touch of freshness to a typical winters day in London.


Of course, we had to toast Valentine’s day with a glass of prosecco… the sky-high views around us made it feel particularly special and glam. I’d love to go back up to the Sky Garden at night for drinks, with all of London’s lit-up skyline around.


After going back to my uni halls for a while and having a well-needed nap (God, all that food and prosecco-drinking does knock you out a bit), we headed out for dinner to one of my favourite restaurants, Bill’s. The atmosphere in there was ideal: calm and romantic. Every table was candle-lit, and I love Bill’s notoriously simple and homey yet classy decor.


We decided to try a bottle of Bill’s own Macabeo white wine, which was so easy to drink and really tasty. I’d definitely buy this bottle again, whether dining in the restaurant or as a gift!

Olives were shared for a mini-starter, and for the main course I ordered the Aubergine & Chickpea Dhal Curry With Chilli.

No exaggeration, this was literally one of the nicest meals I’ve ever eaten, and I would recommend this dish to any fans of Indian flavours and spices, whether vegetarian or not. The portion was very generous, however I didn’t feel bloated or uncomfortable after eating it. This is probably because it was one of the much healthier options on the menu, as it was packed with all sorts of veggies and also vegan-friendly which for me is always a bonus.

I was honestly so impressed with this dish and would happily go back to Bill’s just to eat this again. Jake ordered the ‘Mojo Chicken Skewers’ which he said tasted great, but unfortunately the portion was a bit measly.


All in all I really enjoyed my evening meal at Bill’s and would definitely recommend it to any couples looking for a romantic spot for dinner!

After our dinner we drank even more wine *oops* and headed home to chill out together with a film. Some people don’t even particularly agree with the commercial side of Valentine’s Day, or argue that, actually, every day should be romantic, not just the 14th of February. I completely agree with this, but I also think that Valentine’s Day is just a nice excuse to spoil each other a bit and spend some quality time with a loved one, whether it is a romantic partner or just your best friend!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post about what I got up to yesterday, and that you all had a fab day whatever you got up to. My next post will go live on Monday!

Love, Dayna x

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