Current Beauty Favourites #1

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post!

Let’s get this across now: I LOVE makeup. I wish every day that I had enough pennies to splurge on makeup sprees whenever I want and always be up to date with my collection, but unfortunately that is not the case (poor student, over here). I might not be the best at applying makeup on my face I’ll admit, and I think if I attempted to do a friends makeup they’d end up looking like someone who had been punched in the eye and spent an hour too long in the spray tanning booth.

BUT, it is a guilty pleasure of mine and I have tried and tested a fair amount in my meagre 5 or so years wearing it. So, I thought I’d share a few of my current faves with you here:

1- Autograph Pure Luxe Powder Highlighter in Golden Rose:

This amazing highlighter came in a compact with a handy mirror, but after a tumble out of my clumsy hands this did happen to break off. Let’s just be thankful the actual product itself survived and didn’t shatter on the floor (possibly the most heartbreaking thing to happen to a makeup lover). Anyway, I am serious when I say this. This is the HOLY GRAIL of all highlighters and it does NOT get the credit it deserves! It retails for a price of £15 – not exactly cheap, but not the kind of high end price either which makes you feel guilty for days after purchasing. Honestly, this highlighter is worth double its price. Firstly, it lasts absolutely ages – I’ve had mine for over a year and there is still a fair amount left. More importantly, it looks AMAZING on the skin. It gives a real golden, sunkissed glow rather than an obvious line of white shimmer and truly does look unreal on any skin tone.



2 – Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation – (I am shade Warm Beige 15):

I have used absolutely tonnes of different foundations in my life. I get quite bad redness, which is something I’ve always been self conscious about, therefore a good foundation is my necessity over anything else. I think this foundation is perfect, because it has very buildable coverage, a dewy finish AND doesn’t look cakey at all. An added bonus: it is cheap! Reasonably priced at £6.90, I think this is a bargain for such a great product, considering some high end foundations sell at £30+, and aren’t nearly as good! 10/10 for Kiko on this gem.



3 – Benefit ‘The Pore Fessional’ Primer:

Now, this one probably sounds a bit cliché as LITERALLY every man and his dog (well…) uses this and raves about it. It must have been mentioned at least 100 times by every beauty blogger… in the world. BUT, it is fab, and it is something I use practically every day as a base for my foundation. No wonder it is so popular – it makes your face feel so smooth and flawless when you rub it in, and it definitely makes your foundation apply a lot easier. The only downside is that it costs £24.50 for a pretty meagre 22ml tube, so this is one I always ask for around Christmas/Birthday time, because I’m just a bit tight like that…



4 – Maybelline ‘The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara’:

I started buying this mascara around 3 years ago when I was 15 and have not stopped purchasing it since. It was recommended by well known beauty guru/youtuber Tanya Burr who sung its praises, so I thought I’d give it a go. I am SO glad I discovered this – literally every time I wear it I get compliments on how long my eyelashes look (even if I say so myself…) It really does lengthen your lashes so much, adding the perfect amount of colour and volume. This is 100% my go to mascara, and I recommend it to everyone! It only costs £7.99 as well, so this is definitely not one that will break the bank.



5 – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Abu Dhabi’ and ‘Ibiza’:

Last but not least is a lip product, and one that I have been using EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail for the past 2 months (this probably explains why I’m having to violently scrape around the tube every morning in a desperate attempt to get to the last little bits). These are the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams which you’ve probably already heard of, as they have soared in popularity recently. The formula applies so smoothly, and the two colours I have here are so flattering. I often find nude lip colours make me look drained, but ‘Abu Dhabi’ does the complete opposite. It’s the perfect casual daytime shade for me, but also looks fab and neutral with full, dramatic, night time makeup. Not forgetting the shade ‘Ibiza’ – the pigment is insane, and it glides SO well onto the lips, but obviously as you can see it is pretty bright and bold, so I personally wouldn’t wear it on a day to day basis! The lip creams only cost £5.50 each, but with such a vast collection of colours I’ve found it hard not to get addicted and buy all of them!




So, that rounds up my current makeup favourites! I hope you enjoyed my first blog post – this was actually pretty tricky to do as I found it difficult narrowing down my makeup collection to just 5 favourites. If this tempts you with any makeup inspo, or you find yourself miraculously in Boots tomorrow with a basket full… enjoy!

Love Dayna x

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